Daniel Silver

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:patientlywaiting2231

Scammer’s Country: Australia

Scammer’s Email: daniels1970@contractor.net

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Oasis

Did You Send Money To This Scammer? :


Other Observations About The Scammer: 

He showered me with lovely words. He knew all the right things to say. I felt we connected really well. I was swept off my feet with someone so lovely.

He set the scene perfectly – sad story about the ex, mistrust of friends so I am not to talk to my friends about us.

He lives in Surry Hills Sydney but are working in a remote location in Malaysia.

He sent photos of large houses, luxury lifestyle.

He shared his story of being an only child who’s parents have passed away, having no one else.

Then the emergency – he is bashed by robbers and they take all his cash & credit cards.

He needs money to be able to complete the work project, or risk losing the whole contract and also needed money to pay daily for medical costs for your son who has leukemia and the hospital that will only take cash.

He showed me a screenshot of a bank balance of $10million dollars, but expected me to believe he was unable to access $1500!!!

He mentioned not wanting to live.

He originally asked me for $20k. I said I don’t have it.

It changed to $10k. I said I don’t have it.

It then changed to $1500 for his sick son and he sent me bank account details of a different person (CBA account opened in Gympie Qld).

He went from showering me with compliments to being more aggressive as I questioned further.

The more his attitude changed, things in the story were not adding up, the more I grew skeptical.

The promise to fly to Melb – the so called tickets he showed me – not a booking at all – just a screen shot of an incomplete booking….

When he I was your Only option for money, I questioned him if he could change or get your money back on the so called flights, he became even more agitated & abusive making ME feel like I was out of line for trying to help him come up with a solution.

As I said this all pushed me to do more research.

I created a false Oasis name and went back in to see if he was still on there, my thought was that he may be doing the same thing to others.

Sure enough, i found him. Same photos, similar profile but this time living in a different location, different religion and now from Hungry not Spain.

When I questioned him about this his answer was – the robbers created it….

I cut connection after that and was thankful I did not send money, but shattered and now want to save other poor ladies from the emotional trauma as much as the money. I am sure others will say the money is not as hurtful as the emotional rollercoaster this puts you on – to trust or not….

I really hope something can be done to stop these types of people.