Darren Ambler: Dating Stalker: Sex Addict: Sociopath: Liar: (New Jersey):

Darren Ambler pursued me and stalked me on a dating web site. He is a sick perverted dating site stalker and psycho. Darren Ambler has an unhealthy sex addiction or compulsion. He treats women like trash and uses them to fulfill his sick perverted sexual needs.

Darren Ambler used me and abused me to a degree. He would show up unannounced after work – on weekends and within minutes his clothes were off. He loved parading around my bedroom nude admiring his Penis- or lack of Penis.

He is a disgusting pervert. Darren cheated behind my back while intimate with me. He is a sick, immature playboy that never grew up and has filthy thoughts. Darren Ambler is lousy in bed and he enjoys oral sex and pornography. He made me promise I would keep our sexual relationship a secret. Now I know why. Because Darren Ambler wanted no commitment just Sex and dirty oral sex.

Darren lives a double life. He portrays himself as a kind, gentle man, good friend, father etc. In reality Darren Ambler is a cheat- liar- playboy- sex addict and sociopath. He is a professional liar. Darren Ambler has a split personality and absolutely no conscience. He has no remorse of feelings for anyone but his selfish self.

I think Darren has 2 or 3 kids. He did not speak about them much. He kept his personal life to himself. I feel foolish and used. This creep uses everyone. He needs to exposed for the slime that he is. Darren Ambler is mental- has no morals- scruples- class or personality. He is a real dud and a loser. Who does Darren think he is using women like toys.

Darren carried on a sexual relationship with me and cheated behind my back. Darren is sick and desperate. He carried on a intensive Sexual relationship with a 65 year old grandmother. Darren is 39 years old. Any 39 year old that has sex and oral sex with an old bat is sick- perverted and very very desperate. No wonder he keeps his life a big secret. Darren Ambler’s life is one big lie just like himself.

Darren works a a Pharmacist in New Jersey. Which does not say much for the Pharmacy profession. This guy is a no good user and needs to be stopped. He is lousy in bed. Darren is under 6 foot, homely, thick glasses, skeleton body, he dresses like he shops at the good will. He has no personality and he is out for himself. He will screw anyone out of desperation and loneliness. Avoid this Jerk at all costs. He does not care whom he hurts.

Darren Ambler is dangerous because he is so manipulative. He really believes that he does nothing wrong at all. Darren will sleep with you and then turn around and call you horrible names and say that you enticed him into bed. An all around complete liar dirt ball. That is what makes him so dangerous he will twist any story so that he comes out looking like the good guy that he certainly is not…good guys do not do the things that Darren Ambler does….God…it is any wonder his wife walked out on him, or so he said….i do not blame her one bit. Who the heck could live with this creepy idiot? Everything about Darren Ambler is disgusting. He dresses like he shops at Good-Will. That compiled with that homely face and his perverted tendencies makes him very unappealing.

Darren Ambler also gets off walking around nude. He took nude photos of his ugly body. BEWARE. He stalks dating sites. Darren needs to be taught a lesson about his inappropriate and offensive behavior. He will use anyone and cause havoc in their life. God knows how many dirt bags he slept with. Darren has also enjoyed the company of hookers. He is a real sick psycho!  Please  ladies BEWARE  if you use dating web sites.   He may try to disguise his name and face.  I believe he now has a beard in an attempt to alter his homely appearance.

One thought on “Darren Ambler: Dating Stalker: Sex Addict: Sociopath: Liar: (New Jersey):

  1. Elaine (orlando Fl)>

    Darren Ambler- is a sick individual. It is beyond me why a man would choose a life of immoral sex- lying- pretending to be someone they are not? He is ruining his life and certainly his reputation. Women like clean- cut -honest living guys. Devoted and trusting me. Not lying playboys without an honest bone in their body. This man is headed for big trouble. I hope he doesn’t abuse- and sexually use any more innocent women. God bless this Darren- He needs God- forgiveness and much help! I am sure Psychotherapy may help- But I am sure this man feels like he is perfect with no flaws. It is a shame….

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