Darren Ambler: Sociopath: Pervert : Sex Predator: Woman Abuser: BEWARE:

I was used and abused by an Internet and dating web site stalker- predator Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler resides in Delran New Jersey in Burlington County. He has some serious psychological problems that are going ot get worse over time.

Darren Ambler pursued me for a sexual relationship. He was obsessed with sex- oral sex- pornographic acts that border on disgusting. Darren is really a filthy minded guy with a serious sex addiction. Darren Ambler lives a “Double & Twisted life”. He wants people to think he is a nice- compassionate-caring and moral man. The truth is Darren Ambler has no moral fiber- no conscience- he is a psychopath and extremely self centered.

What makes Darren Ambler so dangerous is that he is a master manipulator- con man and liar. He could con anyone into believing anything. The reality is Darren Ambler is a bad guy with no morality- social grace or character. His life revolves around himself and fulfilling his sick perverted fantasies. Darren does a good job hiding his filthy affairs from family-friends- hs ex wife and co-workers.

Darren used me for sex sex sex. He would arrive at my house after work at 9:30 PM ready for a sex session. Darren was obsessed with nudity. He would strip the minute he arrived at my home. Prance around admiring his privates. Darren Ambler does not have an impressive anything. He was always fondling either me or himself. Darren is a sick person who fails too see how sick and perverted he really is.

Darren can become abusive if you deprive him of sex or confront him about anything. He cheated on me while we were intimate. He thinks being a Player is a cool thing. Basically- Darren lives like a scum bag and seems proud of it. But I believe Darren is incapable of being in a one on one relationship with anyone. He is too emotionally unstable and insecure. This moron doesn’t seem to care about STD’s. How dare he subject myself to possible infection and diseases.

I want Darren Ambler exposed so that it can help other women avoid becoming his next victim. He will use you and toy with your emotions and cheat at the same time. Darren is not handsome- he is a bad lover and he is a liar. He was a former drug addict and alcoholic.

For all ladies out there be careful if you use on line dating sites including Craiglist. Darren may now be disguising his identity. He may have a beard and mustache now in attempt to alter his already ugly appearance. we must beat this creep at his own con game.

Darren was with prostitutes and variety of women. He prefers older women because he can con them easier. Darren is 39 years old and was having an intimate sex affair with a 65 year old Grandmother. Which shows how desperate and perverted Darren Ambler really is. He would sleep with anyone that said yes. Having a sexual affair with a women old enough to be Darren Ambler’s Grandmother is disgusting- sick- perverted and immoral. But when you are desperate I guess you do odd things.

Ladies- Be cautious- BEWARE of Darren Ambler. A stalker- pervert sex addict never changes it’s colors. He is still out there just waiting to stalk and trap his next prey. His body and face are gross- he is more sickening with clothes off. Darren Ambler is not a nice man he is a perverted- selfish – sex predator- desperate for sex and affection. He is waiting to stalk and trap his next helpless vulnerable victim.

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