darren jones, Brisbane Australia


african american approx 48 yrs old ex US resident living in Australia, wears glasses,uses on line dating sites…sometimes goes by tag ichaeri or dj, has unprotected sex and passes on std’s, lies about fidelity…he is a womaniser, lies about his past, his whereabouts and his background, tries to seduce women (white in particular) by talk of love, marriage and a future, he will be saying this to more than one woman at any time, is volatile and has some anger issues, will let the woman pay for things wherever possible, wont disclose his own personal details but is quick to ask for the womans address etc, will threaten you if he’s exposed, is unbalanced and women should not be intimate with this man or your health may suffer…avoid him or at the least please use protection
this man is sexually promiscuous and a blatant liar

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