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It’s a match!

When you’re single and swiping, who doesn’t love seeing those three words on Tinder: It’s a match. Especially when it’s for someone who really caught your eye and you hoped would swipe right on you, too.

As many China daters have told us, it’s not always easy finding what you’re looking for on Tinder or Tantan. Online dating presents different challenges for those seeking love in the Middle Kingdom, many of which we’ve discussed on the Date Night China Podcast, or other guests have shared with us, like catfishing, cringy pick-up lines, and dates who fall asleep during dinner.

But don’t get discouraged – it’s not all bad.

Hannah and B. are two China daters who were swiping right for love in Beijing and it seems fate, or destiny, or the power of Sichuan spice – whatever you want to call it – was involved in their Tinder swiping. 

Hannah’s Tinder bio 

B.’s Tinder bio

Hannah shares more about their story below.

What did you think when you saw his profile?
When I first saw his bio, I was like “Omg he is cute! And he likes hotpot too! I should swipe right! I hope he already saw my bio and swiped right.”

After I swiped, it wasn’t a match yet and I was a little disappointed. I checked my phone after a while and then guess what – we matched. Yay! I wasn’t quite sure if I should talk to him first, but if he thinks I’m cute, he will talk to me first right? And he did!

What did you do for your first date?
We had to have our first date at Hailidao, of course! Love their food and service. 

Hotpot is great for a first date. There are so many kinds of food to eat and you can discuss what you like or dislike and get to know each other better. If you dislike something, you can tell a story about it to keep the conversation going. 

Or if there’s something that you like but your date doesn’t, a little “argument” may spice up the date. (I’m pretty sure we talked about durian. I love it, B hates it.)

I really liked him. He was very charming and understanding. And I knew that he liked me too. I could see it from his beautiful blue eyes. I tried to make a good first impression and really hoped we could see each other again.

How long have you been dating now? 
We have been dating for about three and a half months now, but it feels like we’ve known each other for years.

Did you imagine hot pot would be what brought you and your partner together?
*Laughs* No, honestly. I didn’t like hotpot until last summer. I literally had “Not a fan of hotpot” on my Tinder bio before, but one day my taste buds just changed and now I eat hotpot twice a month. Can’t live without hotpot, or B.

Do you have any other special places you like to go for dates (besides hot pot)?
Blue Frog (Monday nights burgers and drinks BOGO), Q Mex (Wednesdays half price nachos), and Bottega! 

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