12 thoughts on “dateinasia.com filipina fakes scared of webcam

  1. duffins2007

    3.17 is a picture of KIM DE GUZMAN,? a mode and tv starl

  2. duffins2007

    i guess you owe it to us. you SHINE….god, bro….good.?

  3. duffins2007

    thats the goal isnt it? spotting a? diamond in a pig sty !!

  4. instates us

    lol… i’ve chatted with with 3:17 on DIA. funny, she did sound too good to? be true….

    a man dream, can’t he? lol

  5. J Parham

    There are a lot of games on both sides of the fence. Not just the ladies side and not all of these ladies or fakes. the majority are sincere but it makes you feel better to shift the bad rep on them when in fact there are a lot of foreigners going and contacting them for all sorts of perversions that most of them find insulting and hurtful. There are some gamers there but so are there on? the other side as well. Not only white guys but the majority according to what I’ve see and heard are.

  6. J Parham

    And just for the nay sayers I’ve verified for myself just how much of what the ladies say about the jerks and horny toads is true. You’re fast to sterotype them but you don’t want to admit to how many of you white guys go on there and try to get the girls to take their? clothes off for them or solicit them for sex (ordinary girls), trick them into sex and all sorts of perverted things. No we can’t insult white men but we can sterotype these ladies can’t we?

  7. J Parham

    And not only that as i treat them with respect and give them intelligent conversation everyone of them wants me because I’m very different in my approach but of course I can’t handle them all, even though I wish i could. Now I’ve met an incredible one and i checked her out she’s legit and we’re getting? married. My greatest thanks to all you jerks that don’t know how to bring out the best in women.

  8. J Parham

    Thank you soooo much even this video helps me because as you treat them like crap and stereotype them all that makes giving them a a little respect make me stand out far above the rest and it makes it possible for me to meet very high quality ones with ease. Now I’ve met one is educated, smart, well raised and I was able to do it in part thanks to all of you jerks you can’t spot a diamond when you see one.?

  9. J Parham

    There’s a whole lot of desparate horny guys that go on there also. I hear about them all the time. And there some very genuine girls on there too. According to the ladies there a lot of the white men that go on there are horny toads and treat them like crap. But personally I want to thank all of the Horny Toads, the jerks the creeps and all of them. They are making my life really, really good. I’ve met some amazing? girls here just because I treated them with a little respect.

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