21 thoughts on “Dateline NBC-Web Dating Scammer part 1

  1. TheAmphicyon

    Sound engineers have a hard life here in america, because so many bad singers have to be cleaned up before? their music is released.

  2. cockfieldc

    Genetically gifted? Easy life?
    Let’s see..
    Broke.. Brainless..? Boob-enhanced.. Beefy.. Butter-faced.. Burnt-out..
    Must? be missing something..

  3. Alma Comer

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  4. 1happimac

    wow…she plays the “record player”….LOL
    Also, this is NOT a “new” issue….that is, “internet dating scammers”. Surprised dateline spent? money on this segment (eventhough its a few yrs old). A “slow newsday”? ^-^

  5. Amanda Nicole

    Lol… People send money to someone theyve never met? but get mad if a friend asks to borrow five dollars

  6. Marcus Molineaux

    How is this an online dating scam? This documentary is? a scam… fake, the producers should murder suicide their children.

  7. MrAntihumanism

    Thats the problem with being very attractive, you’ve never had to use your brain because you always got? what you want.

  8. Sheneka Adams

    Talk about the dumbest broad? ever. Why in the hell would you send money to someone you never met. She deserved that smh.

  9. Rosana Wiley

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  10. Roger Lahr

    Anyone tried the dating site called DateFindersk (google? it)? I’ve heard some unbelivable things about this dating site and my buddy met their spouse on DateFindersk.

  11. emaoneluv

    Gosh this is seriously painful to watch… How can you be so damn stupid?? Who transfers 10 grand to someone they’re never met? FUARRKK?

  12. CapTheBottle

    “Music is my passion, it’s my life.” …Plays? the shittest music ever.

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