25 thoughts on “Dateline NBC-Web Dating Scammer part 2

  1. tokenwebster

    Ffs……………I wish I didnt start watchin this, now i have to watch the rest!?

  2. kay poly

    karma is a bitch white-bitch! you got what u deserve,everybody blame us blacks for these,can you all see the reasons these dumb western whores are victims? its simple white bitches from the western world deserve to be put to place? cause of their actions,picky,superficial,turn down normal men,always looking for a fairy tale prince charming with thick bank accounts,i go through this every day,well nuff said.

  3. kickyerass

    I’m sorry but this chick? must SUCK as a “personal trainer”!!! Her arms are bigger than my legs- and they’re all FLABBY!!!! She’s a friggin’ HOG!!!

  4. Anna Moore

    worthless ,uneducated bitches who? want MORE MONEY lol

  5. Andrew Ballard

    “personal trainer and lifestyle coach”? aka workshy talentless bimbo.

  6. latinasdoitbetter1

    you were looking for a millionaire? “no no, most people on there arent millioniares, they just need to? make 150,000 a year or above” so you were looking specifically for someone who makes a large salary? “well, yeah”

  7. Blake Walker

    These woman are victims? to their own greed… Looking for <3 my ass... Its about? the All seeing dollar...

  8. Standardchannel01

    The amount of bullshit from? these women are off the charts.

    They want him for his money and prestige not because he is sensitive, or confident. They are desperate women who want a rich guy. They are just looking for anything in him to justify liking him without making it seem like it is actually because of the money. The homeless dude knew that.

  9. MirrorWitch13

    Take it from me. I’m a model actress, and songwriter. I meet women like these all the time. They had every intent to use their beauty to leech money and fame off of the men? they meet. If a man can’t get them ahead, then he is invisible to them. They are scammers themselves. Only this time they got out smarted. They deserve this.

  10. JSandusky69

    Tell the fat personal trainer that she’s so attractive that she must be beating off suitors. Tell her that? she’s only worthy of “highly successfull” millionaires.

  11. JSandusky69

    Just tell broads what they want to hear about how successful you are, take them out and give them lots of flowers and other little gifts. It’s a formula that’s worked for centuries. Take all that you can get, then leave them high and dry. They? deserve nothing better.

  12. sparklenipples

    “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.” -Judge Judy?

  13. Jocelyn Renee Eastman

    hahahahahahahaha!!! i know. i hope they send me money next. i’m a producer, i swear.? i got lady gaga on speed dial.

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