24 thoughts on “Dateline NBC-Web Dating Scammer part 4

  1. shawnward95

    Men will never fall for a thing like this perpetrated? by a woman.

  2. shawnward95

    Videos like this just proves women are? so very stupid…..they fall for this stuff all the time then wonder why they cant “find a nice guy.”

  3. Blueynoes

    Golddigger gets her bank account emptied and ass pounded by an ugly old fat guy? and feels good about it.

    This guy is a boss!

  4. kareemtiheed

    i cant imagine dude knowing? any Timberland songs…lol

  5. Gina Racanelli

    no it doesn’t notice they are all? blondes…..

  6. fridsade

    guy is a fucking? genius.
    -scams scamming gold-diggers
    -gets paid bank
    -gets hot ass like this personal trainer

  7. JSandusky69

    I’ve got to set up a few profiles on these? “millionaire” dating sites. Sounds like one can become a millionaire ripping off gold diggers.

  8. sikminesta

    hahaha???? did they? really have to go to the trouble of disguising the detective instead of just blurring or blacking him out??? commmmmme on…seriously?

  9. sparklenipples

    These women got exactly what the deserved. They have no moral compass whatsoever.?

  10. angellicvoices

    This? would make a great movie. Scamming gold-diggers being scammed!!

  11. Bubb Rubb

    LOL Fuck these women…….. Millionaire? match . com………….The name says it all

  12. NoSirNoSerbs

    how does payback taste uh fucking? gold digging bitchez not so nice when you are taken advantage of uh?

  13. Gwmcmi02

    I think it would have been funnier if? they had never mentioned altering his appearance, and just let that guy look like a clown with a crappy wig.

  14. TheAnarchronia

    need proof they are gold digging whores. they go to a website called millionair match .com and they wint millionairs no more? proof needed

  15. ninja3002000

    Seems like there’s a lot of criticism for the women who were victims. I see little to no criticism for the actual perpetrator. Come on guys. This? guy is a Sociopath. The same type that are at the top of major corporations that don’t care for shit about their employees. Sociopaths don’t just screw over people who fancy a “prince on a horse”, they screw over sane grounded individuals too. i.e. many salesmen, top executives, regional managers, car thieves, and more extreme, psychopaths.

  16. PaulPierce34G


    That’s the shittiest undercover disguise I’ve ever seen. That wig doesn’t? even look remotely natural.

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