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Research shows daters 50 and older are more likely than younger ones to say it’s very important that online dating profiles include race and political affiliation. Laura wonders if being too specific about race, religion or politics leads to overlooking some solid romantic options.

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In this episode, Laura talks with Ron, who’s taught his grown kids to embrace diversity, although he’s never dated outside his own race; and Manny, who says he can’t get a date because of stereotypes about Asian men. Then Laura sits down with dating and relationship coach Damona Hoffman, who wants us all to ask ourselves why we’re establishing any boundaries in the first place.

Peter and Vicki say they respectfully disagree on almost all of the hot-button issues of the day. Still, they’ve been a couple for several years now.

After, we meet Lynn, who considers herself open-minded…even as she swipes left on conservatives. And Peter and Vicki tell us how they made a love connection despite leaning in opposite political directions.


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