Dating app ‘The League’ and #CheapCaribbean offer the #trip of a #lifetime to two #lucky #couples


For people in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is just how it is in the movies. Romantic dinners and spectacular gifts fill the holiday, along with chocolates, flowers and long strolls along the beach.

But for the single folk (cough, like us), it’s a dreaded holiday every year, permeated with cliche commercials, overdone candy and a night alone or spent with friends. Yet one dating app is trying to change that and bring some love to all the unattached peeps out there.

The League, popular amongst millennials in more than 15 different cities, requires users to connect their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to the app (to protect against fakers and shield you from co-workers) as well as allow users to customize their preferences. Pretty good, right? There’s more.

Along with CheapCaribbean, the dating app is hosting an epic Valentine’s Day bash called “Paired Up for Paradise.” People looking for love in both NYC and San Francisco can attend the singles party to meet with potential suitors. One lucky new couple from each bash will be sent on a 5-star getaway to the Caribbean that exact night.

“We are always looking for ways to make vacations extra memorable by pushing boundaries and launching new offerings for travelers. Last summer, we introduced a Sex on the Beach package, where couples could spice things up. With our “Paired Up for Paradise” event series, singles are getting the love with the chance to go on a once-in-a-lifetime blind date for Valentine’s Day. Without distractions from the daily grind, the beach makes for an ideal setting to relax and find romance,” explained Michael Lowery, the Chief Marketing Officer at CheapCaribbean.