Dating app lover not guilty of sex attack on woman he met online


A man who used a dating app to meet a woman in Devon has been cleared of sexually assaulting her.

Kirk Anthony travelled from his home near Salford to Okehampton to visit the woman after online chat led them to meeting face to face.

He was found not guilty of assaulting her after telling a jury at Exeter Crown Court that he had never forced her to take part in any kind of sexual acts against her will.

Anthony also denied being controlling and abusive during the relationship and said the only thing he had done to upset her was criticise her choice of television viewing.

Anthony, aged 38, of Green Lane, Cadishead, Salford, denied assault by penetration and was found not guilty.

During a three day trial the woman told Exeter Crown Court Anthony seemed charming when she met him through the Kik messenger app on her phone.

The woman said she invited him to visit her in Devon. She ordered him out of her home after the alleged attack.

She said that once in a relationship his behaviour changed and he became verbally and physically abusive. She said he was dominating and controlling even before the sexual assault.

Anthony denied the assault when interviewed by police in May and said all sexual activity with the woman was consensual.

He said:”I never assaulted her sexually. I have never assaulted her in any way at all. I cannot recall her ever being upset before or after sex.

“She has never been tearful after sex. She has never objected to anything sexual at all. If she did not want anything, I would not have started.

“I asked her and she said fine. If she had said no, I would not have bothered. I don’t want to go to jail for something like that. She did not say no.

“If she said no I would have stopped straight away and not carried on. I didn’t just say wham, bam, there you go.”



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