Dating App Study Confirms Beauty’s Only Skin Deep


Success picking out a future mate online can be tricky. A new study finds that using dating apps can make a person appear to be less attractive in person. Jeffrey Hall, Communications Studies Professor at the University of Kansas, says it’s one thing to get excited about someone’s online picture and quite another to meet that person face-to-face.

“What we find is the ease of making judgments based on physical attractiveness is actually working against us, because my study pointed out that how we actually think about a person’s physical attractiveness has the potential to change and the nature of that change has a lot to do with what a person is really like.”

Hall says the in-person encounter will affect how you judge that person’s physical appearance.
“Once we interact with people, my study, along with three or four others, all found something interesting happens:

Our sense of what is beautiful to us changes as a consequence of what that person is like.”
Hall found that it’s the combination of three factors that ultimately determines how we rate a person’s attractiveness.

“There’s a joke t-shirt that I like to wear around town and it has a triangle that says, ‘intelligence, emotional stability and physical attractiveness, pick two.’ What I’m saying is, if you have all three of those things, (you have) what we would call in the research world … ‘really high mate value.’ “

Professor Hall was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.



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