Dating apps give men lower levels of self-esteem, according to new study


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A new study has found that men who regularly use dating apps have reported lower levels of self-esteem than those who don’t use them that often or at all.

Researchers at the University of North Texas created a study based o the objectification theory that examined the main effects of Tinder use.

The Tinder users included 31 men, while the non-users totalled 203 men for the anonymous online survey.

It found that men and women experienced similar levels of psychological distress, and that men demonstrated higher levels of shame about their bodies.

“For self-esteem, male Tinder users scored significantly lower than either male or female non-users,” the study reported.

“Our results suggest that Tinder represents a contemporary medium for appearance pressures and its use is associated with a variety of negative perceptions about body and self and with increases in individuals’ likelihood to internalise appearance ideals and make comparisons to others.”

The report also concluded that “Tinder users were more focused on their bodies as sexual objects.”