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Dating in real life has already become something from the science fiction section. A modern way of finding love is dating applications. Firstly, it’s convenient: thanks to them you can get acquainted anywhere, just grab a smartphone with you. Secondly, it’s fast — you can literally filter out unnecessary people in just a couple of clicks.

According to statistics, nowadays every other uses the application for online dating to meet Ukrainian women to build relationships with. If you are bored with Tinder, but you haven’t found your soul mate yet, there are four other apps that will help you cope with loneliness.

1. SaladMatch

Single gourmands can improve their personal life with the help of the SaladMatch app. Choose your favorite dish and specify the time when you usually go to a restaurant, and then it’s a matter of technique: the app finds people with similar gastronomic habits, notifies the chosen ones, and even books a table for a romantic dinner. However, only guests of New York and Hong Kong can embark on an adventure, where there are Just Salad restaurants that have come up with such an unusual way of finding a soul mate.

2. Cuddlr

To stand out from a million dating apps, the creators of Cuddlr have aimed at a completely new group of people — those who want to cuddle. The search for a partner for gentle communication is based on the Tinder principle: the user searches for someone who would like to hug and sends a request that needs to be answered within 15 minutes. If the desire to hug is mutual, the app will show the shortest way to meet. As a result, according to the idea of the creators, the couple can go their separate ways or continue communicating. In the case of indecent proposals, the app has a book of complaints.

3. JustLunch

Initially, the JustLunch app was created not for idle communication but for business acquaintances based on mutual benefit. Looking for potential business partners located nearby to exchange ideas and useful contacts? But who said that business gatherings during lunch should be devoid of romantic flair?

4. Sense

The app promises to reveal all facets of your personality using biometric data: the skin pattern of your palm and fingers. Just take a picture of your palm following all the requirements of the app, and it will display all possible information about your character and even select people compatible with you from any part of the world.


Not so long ago, to get to know each other, a man or woman had to go beyond their comfort zone: to go to a club or a cinema, to come up with a reason for acquaintance. Now a variety of dating apps are available for free download and allow you to find a couple without leaving your home. Some apps can be used for communication, others are designed for quick dates, and there are some that you can use to find an intimate relationship.

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