#dating | Key Elements of the Wedding Ceremony Program

Celebrating two hearts in love, uniting two people for a lifetime—that’s what a wedding is all about. And the most important part of this event is of course the wedding ceremony. This is why, it’s one of the first things that you’d want to plan for. To make planning easier, it’s a must to find out the key elements of the ceremony program. Order of service varies depending from one religion to another. It also depends on whether it’s a religious celebration or civil ceremony. But generally, the key elements are as follows:


The processional marks the beginning of the ceremony. It is the part where the bridal party and the bride are presented. The bridal party walks down the aisle with music in the background followed by the bride. The rule of the thumb is for parents to walk in first then the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, followed by the flower girls and ring bearer. The bride is the last to walk in. This is usually the most anticipated part of the event. Guests are always moved to tears when during the bride’s walk down the aisle.

Greeting/Opening Talk

Once everyone is comfortably seated, the minister or officiant gives greeting to the guests. He may give some opening speech about the couple and the celebration of their love. If it’s a religious service, an opening prayer will be said. In some weddings, the minister or officiant tells a brief story of how the couple met and fell in love.

Statement of Intention

At this time, the minister or officiant informs everyone about the intent of the bride and groom to be married from their own free will. He will also talk about the responsibilities and commitment of marriage.

Exchange of Wedding Vows

Next to the bride’s walk down the aisle, this is another touching part of the event. The wedding vows serve as the couple’s promises to each other for the life that they are about to lead together. Wedding vows can be the traditional “for better or for worse ‘til death do us part” vows or something that you have made on your own. Many modern couples prefer to create their own wedding vows to give a personalized touch to the ceremony.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

After the vows, the wedding rings are exchanged. The bride first takes the groom’s hand to place a ring on his finger. The groom does the same afterwards. While they do so, they say the phrase, “Wear this ring as a sign of my love…” The wedding rings are the symbols of the couple’s everlasting commitment to each other. Read more about exclusive diamond engagement rings at https://www.gsdiamonds.com.au/engagement-rings

Pronouncement of Marriage

As the wedding draws to the end, the minister or officiant formally declares the couple as husband and wife. Usually, he would include a few words to remind everyone the sanctity of marriage. This is also the part where the minister or officiant would tell the husband “You may now kiss the bride.”

Presentation of the Couple

As the couple is now officially married, the minister or officiant will present the couple as Mr. and Mrs. _____ to the wedding guests. The wedding guests applaud and cheer.


This is the end part of the wedding ceremony when the officially married couple exits the ceremony venue. They are followed by the parents and wedding party. As the married couple reaches the exit, flower petals and rice grains are thrown into them. Some modern weddings also have fireworks, butterflies, bubbles, and balloons during the recessional.

Enumerated above are the basic parts of a wedding ceremony. But don’t be confined to this list. Feel free to add any ritual or prayer to your own wedding ceremony to make it more personal and unique. Just make sure that you consult first with the officiant or minister before you give it a go. You and your beau should discuss the ceremony order of events and additional ideas that you may have with the minister or officiant so that everything is clear. See to it too that you take time to plan out this particular part of the event, as this is the most essential aspect of any wedding.

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