Dating Online After 40


“If a man is wearing a suit in his picture, write him and say something like ‘I love it when a man wears a suit. He looks really sexy,’” Michelle Turner purred into the microphone, a smile spreading across her face as she spoke.

She wasn’t watching someone choose from racks of cotton and rayon at the nearest suit shop. Or thinking of what she would say to a colleague or friend for his next purchase. In fact, she wasn’t talking directly to men at all.

This was her first episode of “The Show,” her weekly broadcast on WNHH. Listen to the full episode by clicking on the audio file above, or searching the iTunes store or any podcast app for “WNHH Community Radio.”

While future episodes of “The Show” will include “a little bit of everything,” her first episode was dedicated to the logistics of online dating as a Boomer, whom she classifies as “folks who are 50 plus … or 46 and over.” She offered suggestions like Black People Meet and Be Naughty, as well as advice on what to put — and what not to put — in a profile picture or on a social media page.

Turner started with a basic premise: According to the U.S. Census bureau, 29 percent of adults aged 49 to 55 are now single, compared to a smaller 19% in 1980. For boomers who want to get back in the field, what should they be doing? The radio pro had a few tips.

“This is a conversation that we are having quite often. I have people approaching me about the subject matter … how come we don’t talk bout it? How come we don’t hear about dating? How come we don’t hear about black women dating? How come we don’t hear about people over fifty … how come we don’t hear about dating, period, enough?” she said.

In her quest for answers, she didn’t hold back. “Let’s be realistic and grown up,” she suggested to listeners. “Some people don’t want relationships. Some people … are looking to have sex, to hook up, no strings attached. You may get dinner, you may not. You may get breakfast, you may not … it is what it is.”

“You have to accept yourself for who you are if you’re going to online date … that means dealing with your body image,” she added later in the episode.

With it, she brought a voice to the station confident and calm enough to match a more traditional viewespoused every Thursday on Alisa’s Culture Cocktail. Why?

“You have to remember that we’re living in the 21st century, and therefore you have quite a few options open to you in meeting people. This is just one way of doing it.”



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