Dating platform Tinder most downloaded app in South Africa | #tinder | #pof


CEO of Socially Acceptable, Nazareen Ebrahim gives details about how the dating apps are ranked by downloads.

South Africans are still using online sites and applications to look for love.

Socially Acceptable CEO Nazareen Ebrahim says across IOS and Android users, Tinder is ranked the number one downloaded app in the country.

She says education, finance and games are in the top ten downloaded apps.

This age is an interesting one where you can swipe left or right and that is the effort you make to show attraction to someone else.

Nazareen Ebrahim, CEO – Socially Acceptable

IOS platforms seem to list lifestyle apps of Tinder and Bumble at number one and two while Grinder sits at number 15.

Nazareen Ebrahim, CEO – Socially Acceptable

On Android, in terms of downloads, you still have Tinder at number one, Bumble comes in much lower.

Nazareen Ebrahim, CEO – Socially Acceptable

Listen to the full interview below…

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