Dating Profile Tips Announced for the Holidays


More and more, singles are looking for love online this holiday season.  With so many singles online, it has become increasingly important to put together a strong online dating profile that maximizes chances of finding the best match. Plus Sized Love is happy to share dating profile tips to help singles find long-lasting love or that special someone for the holidays.

“We recommend picking a unique, fun, clever username that does not include your first name, last name, or dates. Next, it is wise to check out the competition on whatever dating site you end up using. Taking notes on what you do and don’t like from other profiles can be extremely helpful when creating your profile,” says Linda Gebric of Plus Sized Love. “Enlisting a friend is also a great way to help make sure your profile is expressing your true personality. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, approximately 30% of female online daters and 15% of male online daters have enlisted a friend for assistance.”

Ensuring there is appropriate content, that is properly edited for grammar, to fulfill one’s dating goals is also important to remember. This includes telling an interesting story, being honest about the past, sharing unique interests and hobbies, and expressing a positive and upbeat attitude.  Avoiding negativity and talking about previous relationships is a must.  It is also important to focus on social hobbies; it has been proven that profiles gain more attention when match seekers are perceived as happy, outgoing, and social.  Finally, it is important to be specific in stating to potential dates what qualities are most important in a partner.

“Aside from the research and content that goes into a dating profile, uploading the right photos is just as important,” Gebric says. “We encourage our users to be tasteful, smile often, and post current photos of themselves. It is important to remember that variety is important, so include a head/shoulders shot, a full-length photo, and at least one action shot to receive the most messages.”

Finally, frequently updating a dating profile is one of the most important, but often forgotten, tips to remember.  Life changes quickly, and a dating profile should as well.




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