Everything You Need To Know About Dating Scams & Cyber Stalking


Everything You Need To Know About Dating Scams & Cyber Stalking

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In order to catch a thief, it takes a thief. In order to catch a hacker, it takes a hacker. In order to catch an identity thief, it takes an identity thief.  Almost all the tip and techniques in this book came from people who actually have committed these crimes.

This is the only book in history that gives you tips and techniques on avoiding so many hi-tech crimes and scams, all in one book.

Written by an ex-hacker, ex-hi-tech hustler Gregory Evans with contributor Charles Tendell, a Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator.

This book covers the following categories

* Hacking                                     * Laptop & Tablet Security

* Scams & Schemes                   * Email Scams

* Child Safety                              * Cyber Bullying

* Social Media Tips                     * Online Dating Scams

* Identity Theft                             * Cyber Stalking

Why should you read this book?

–       You have or know someone who has been a victim of identity theft.

–       Every six seconds a person’s computer is hacked.

–       You want to make sure that your website is not “hackable!”

–       You want to make sure that your kids do not become a victim of a child predator.

–       You have tried dating online or have heard horror stories about the practice.

–       You want to make sure that your child does not get bullied or become a bully.

–       You own or manage or the CEO of a company and want to make sure your IT team is doing the job you are pay thing them for.

–       You are a law enforcement officer and want to stay informed about computer security.

–       You are thinking about trying online dating.

–       You have been a victim of a cyber stalker

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