Dating Scams Online, How to avoid getting burned.

Online Dating Scams. Learn how you can avoid getting scammed, losing money and your heart to these online scammers. How to recognize fake profiles and fake requests, and what you should never do with your money. This is a variation on the Nigeria scam. Please watch this video and tell your friends so they too will not be hurt or lose thousands of dollars!

25 thoughts on “Dating Scams Online, How to avoid getting burned.

  1. Romana Voelker

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  2. Nancy Lopez

    Anyone tried the dating site called DateFindersk (search on google)? I have heard some extraordinary things? about this dating site and my work buddy met his soulmate on DateFindersk.

  3. TheMightyKilokahn

    I got one of those emails but I just forwarded it? to the F.B.I.

  4. TheStimpyboy

    Just don’t send money.. How stupid can you be? ? This has been going on for years, and these dumb fools keep paying.

  5. Tonya Phillips

    Anyone tried the dating site called DateFindersk (google it)? I have heard many amazing things about this dating site and? my cooworker met his soulmate on DateFindersk.

  6. Brian Tones

    I have met many scammer’s on the net. many and all have been? men posing as woman looking for love, I am from USA now living in Ghana with my aunty, I get this all the time, i have learn’t to ask for a webcam from the person, always I can not afford one buy one for me.. well all i can say to people never send money to anyone asking for help on the web unless you have 100% sureity that the person is for real…

  7. calcio10

    sue yahoo,facebook…that dude is taking up? space while the women cluck

  8. cupidscreen

    CupidScreen are the only Private Investigators who specialize in Online Dating! We? even have an iphone app which will? tell you whether your date is a romance scammer! check out romancescamapp

  9. Sandra Price

    Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about popular dating site called DateFindersk (google it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you considered DateFindersk? I’ve heard many extraordinary things about this dating site and my? cousin met his girlfriend on DateFindersk, but he refuses to tell me 🙁

  10. Deborah Bennett


  11. TheGodisgodis

    These so called”victims” of these scams are just dumb and stupid! I have no sympathy for them. Reporting the scammers to the police? or FBI is just a waste of your time…like they said in the video…if you are scammed your money is GONE!!

  12. Mach Sy

    It’s good I researched about a chatmate who claims on his profile that he looks good on a suit and tie but in reality works as a meat cutter in Kensington Square in Burnaby BC as a meat cutter for 26 years. For all women out there who are using dating sites, please try to research your guys first? very well

  13. dkslfjgh

    Online scammers are useless pieces of shit. These people should use their? skills in gaining trust to go out and get a real job.

  14. TheSw33t3stThing

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    find it wrong when i bit the bullet of it.

  15. john nichols

    women get sympathy? for being a victim on online dating scams but men deserve I think is the attitude

  16. alltelman5

    Alot of the time, you aren’t even corresponding with a woman, its? a man with a womans pics.

  17. septembercindy

    Forgot,? pic? used for James Dyer is of an? attractive?? white? male, dark hair, age maybe between? 35-40. He’s standing? up wearing? a? black leather jacket,? you can see his jeans also, has right hand? up giving? a thumbs? up. Pluse he contacted?? me through? private message on fb.

  18. septembercindy

    Nigerian Romance Scammer: James Dyer (pic of white male). Email:,? yahoo messenger:? jamesdyer2, phone 1-234-703-893-4768. Private? mess me? on fb and? was in love with my pic.? Heavy Nigerian English accent on phone. Engineer from London working on?? bridge in Nigeria, 11 year old? daughter, widowed, parents died?? when he?? was 10 then? moved to Norway and back? to London,?? no firends. Romanced? me for 2 weeks then demanded money and became real asshole.

  19. FerRod2113

    You can? tell if a profile is fake if they respond to your message right away no matter what time it is then its a computer sending you things or it’s a serious stalker

  20. BeautifulUnique30

    Yeah this is crazy I don’t? fall for there Scams I just hit delete & i’m not sending nobody money I don’t Know shit about Somebody pull a scam through my email Talking about I’m in London and have no way home i need $1,000 I pay you back when I get home i promise LoL yeah Right

  21. HyldenHero

    This lady’s friends need to learn? about internet security, or possibly just stop using 12345 as their password.

  22. middlevin

    I got ? like 1000+ free trial minutes phone chat lines all together some are 60 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes, email me at I will send you all the numbers in text format

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