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If you look into the life of successful people (define success in any way you want to) you will usually find that one of the reasons they are successful is because they are surrounded and supported by people who enhance their journey. We have all heard people exclaim that they could not have achieved their success without the support and love of others. Many of us have heard that we are who we are today because we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.

As we were growing up it is very likely that a parent or another adult of influence advised us that “we are the company we keep” in an attempt to teach us the lesson of being aware of whom we hang out with because the people we congregate with often influence our decisions and behaviors.

This lesson is no less important at any point in our journey. It is important in all aspects of our health, spiritual, physical and mental to be aware of whom we surround ourselves with and how the company we keep impacts us. No one person is an island, we are all connected and it is the awareness and strength of our connections that help us to love, to grow, to be compassionate, etc.

Some people consciously establish distinct groups of people in their life who they reach out to for support in different aspects of their life. One might establish a “Brain Trust”, a brain trust could be a group of people in your life that you could reach out to when you are making an important decision and you want to confer with the brilliance of a group who could provide you intelligent guidance as you make your decision.

One might also establish a “Love Trust”, a love trust could be a group of people whom you could reach out to when you simply need to the support of love in your life, unconditional love, a safe group of people whom you trust implicitly with your heart, who will be there with love to catch you if you are falling and who will rally to support your success no matter what.

One might establish a “Spiritual Trust”, a spiritual trust may be a group of people whom you can reach out to discuss spiritual matters, who can help you in your spiritual growth and who you are comfortable with speaking about spiritual beliefs, feelings, intuitions, etc with.

Of course some of the people may be interchanged between groups. At the same time you may find that someone in your brain trust is not someone who fits into your love trust. The key is to be aware of the people who are in your life who are available to enhance your journey as well as you being available to enhance their journey.

At the same time we are considering the people in our life who enhance our journey it is equally important to consider the people in our life who do not enhance our journey and how these people are impacting our life. Everyone comes into our life for a purpose, some come for a short time, some for a lifetime. Sometimes we hang on to relationships out of our own fears or because we have established a comfort zone with people even when it is time for us or them to move on. I don’t suggest we discount the value of any one person in our life, however there are times when it is important to discern if it is time to allow a relationship to end or at the very least to create distance from.

As in all things it is critical that we be aware of our environment which includes the people who are in life.

Today, think about the people whom you want to surround yourself with and what attributes you would like them to have. Also consider who can benefit from your presence, who you can mentor, who you could give your unconditional love to, who would benefit from your wisdom, etc. Reach out and let them know you are there for them.

Remember to judge people not in terms of good or bad for it may be someone outside your normal social circle, someone whom you may have shunned who may be your greatest teacher, your greatest resource, who is simply waiting for you to invite them to experience your journey.

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