Dating Tips For Men – Touching

It’s a given that once you’ve established a point of trust as to where you are able to touch your date that you’ve reached the mountain top! Knowing how to get there is another story. Here are some helpful dating tips for men that should help in getting past her negative zone.

You’re going to have to obey a couple of rules that will coincide with a woman’s personal boundaries. You’re going to have to go into a stealth mode. That is you don’t want to rush but still give the impression of being a confident guy who has no problem getting to know women and can do so thru relaxed physical contact.

RULE 1 – Don’t fall under the assumption that touching a woman on the first date is stepping out of bounds. Make a good first impression and form a bond by introducing yourself and touching her softly and casually on the outside of either arm while talking about something at the same time. The outside of a person’s arm can be considered a neutral zone and should not alarm her nor does it suggest or hint to an intimate act. Give it a go, I’m sure you’ll be surprised in the results.

RULE 2 – After you’ve managed to start a conversation or you have been chatting with a woman on the regular, keep up the physical contact. Don’t go over board with this, be subtle. A good example would be being in a crowded place and she needs to go to the restroom. You would place your hand on her shoulder and swivel your bodies in the direction of the restroom and point out her destination.

RULE 3 – Remember to finish a conversation with some form of contact. After having a nice conversation with a woman and you both decide to go on a date or simply trade phone numbers, a warm hug would be a nice way to close things out.

You do not have to look like a Denzel Washington or a Tom Cruise in order to be a master in seducing women. You do not have to be rich or famous either. You only need the knowledge which can be found here Dating Tips For Men. Sick of hanging with the fellas every weekend or having a Blockbuster night home alone? Let’s change this by going here You’ll be glad you did.

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