Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Dating can prove to be a really difficult period both for women as well as men. It becomes extremely tough if any one of them is shy. Men being shy can cause a lot of trouble since they don’t open up that easily. But its time to stop worrying for all the shy men out there! Some useful and effective tips will help you a long way and improve your chances of getting a companion.

The following ideas will make sure you have a blast with your date without causing any blunders and making your date aware about your fear.

Here we go with some of the most miraculous dating tips for shy men-

Show off your confidence. If you want attention of your date, then confidence is the key to it. Many researches show that women are generally attracted to guys who have a much higher level of confidence and self assurance. For shy men, this can call a lot of trouble. Don’t loose eye contact with your date. Look into her eyes and smile. Also keep in mind that the conversation you make is clear and audible to her. Make sure you don’t fold your hands while talking! This gives an impression of being disinterested. Stammering is another thing that should not happen.

Communicate a lot! Ask questions. Shy men are generally self-centric and tend to talk a lot about themselves in front of their dates. They unconsciously avoid the factor that they are out on a date to know their companion better. Make sure you don’t do this mistake! Try and learn how to handle situations when you are under pressure. Don’t be nervous in front of her and ask a lot about her interests and needs, her friends and family.

Don’t let any negative thoughts seep in. bring a change in your beliefs. Don’t be negative about any situation or it might show on your face. Positive thinking will take you a long way in impressing your companion. Don’t have any kind of defeating thoughts.

Look good, feel good should be the motto. Keep a pleasing personality on your date. If you know you are looking good you will definitely feel good and more confident. Don’t think that you look crap otherwise it can make you all the more conscious about the entire episode. Try and wear a well fitted pants or khakis, a well ironed shirt and if possible a tie as well. A clean shaven look and polished shoes will complete the look.

Try and socialize with other people around you. Practicing with others is very important.

Learn proper body language. Knowing proper body posture techniques is very important.

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