Dating Tips For Women: 3 Common Mistakes


If you’re wondering why you haven’t found Mr. Right after you’ve been dating for many years, it may be because you’re letting all the ‘Right’ ones go. If you’re one of those women who are following a superficial list of all of the qualities that you would like to have, that may be your problem. Dating tips for women gets easier when pointing out mistakes is just as important as giving advice about how to flirt. In this article you’ll find 3 common mistakes that women make when in the dating scene.

Women are arrogant about their self worth. A woman’s support system is different from that of a man’s. As women, it is natural for friends to tell them how good of a catch they are. Women support each other with positive rebuttals to whatever situation that may be going on; such as a break-up. In the end, women really believe that they are individually great; and that any man would be lucky to have them. Though this may be partly true, it’s still not quite the reality of things, because even women make mistakes. There are women who cheat, lie, and even steal from their mates. However, if they were to write a list of qualities about themselves, I doubt that you would find any negative things; despite their bad habits.


1. Some women believe that there are “plenty of fish in the sea”. Men are notorious for overlooking the small things. Most men are very laid back and would rather spend their time making love, instead of noticing how sloppy you can be around the house. Unfortunately, women are not the same way. When a woman has made her list of qualities in her Mr. Right, she is reluctant to compromise. This is a big problem because you could be passing up great men.



Remember that compromising is not the same as settling. Compromising is simply accepting the person for who they are, and being okay with it. For example, if you wanted to date a man that owns a home, but found a man who rents instead; this may be something that you can make a compromise with yourself about. Just because he doesn’t own a home, doesn’t mean that he’s not a good man. Instead of taking your chances to find another prospect; why not give in to the happiness you already feel?


3. Most women are insensitive and judgmental. Many men feel judged by their mates. They feel that there is no room for them to make an error without their woman being disappointed. This is a serious problem. As a woman, it is important to have someone cheering you on in life. This is also equally important to a man. Men take on huge roles and expectations that they are sometimes not even aware of. Being able to cheer your man on regardless of the circumstances is very important. Women have the role of being nurturing, while men usually take on the role as the ‘Alpha Male’. This means that it is natural for them to want to be a leader. However, in order to be their best, they must know that you support them.


If you’ve been single for a while and find that you’re making some of these mistakes; it’s time to fix them. There are plenty of quality men waiting to be blessed with your presence. When the time comes, be sure to take the opportunity and be willing to compromise.

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