Dating Tips – How To Succeed In A Speed Dating Event


Speed dating events are gaining in popularity and with good reason. It is a fun way to meet a lot of new people in a short period of time. You get at least a small glimpse into someone before you have to decide if you would like to have further contact. It’s a fun night out.

There are a few things to think about before the event and some tips for how to succeed in a speed dating event that will make it easier for you. Memorise a short introduction about yourself, this way you will be ready when a question is asked. Do not drink a lot of alcohol. Look your best. Have questions ready so you won’t waste your time trying to come up with one. Think of questions that are important to you and try not to ask questions that can be answered with just a yes or no answer. Concentrate on the person sitting across from you, be friendly and smile. One of the most important thing to do at a speed dating event is relax. This is supposed to be fun and it’s best to go into it with that attitude. If you meet someone you are interested in that is great, but if not you still had an interesting night out.

After the speed dating event, you will get information on the people you were interested in that also showed an interest in you. It is fine to send an email saying you enjoyed meeting them. Don’t write anything too long and once you send it, leave it up to that person to get back to you. Do not get impatient and do not worry if it takes a day or so to hear back.

Speed dating is a lot of fun. A bunch of friends can go out and try it together. If you are looking for that special someone and have not given speed dating a try, it may be time that you did. Even if there is no love connection, you could still meet some great new friends and you are sure to have a lot of laughs.

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