Dating #tips for #men and #women: THIS #body language #sign suggests your #date is in to you


DATING sites and apps are a popular option for men and women of all ages looking to find love these days, but if you find yourself on a blind date how can you tell if your potential partner is in to you?

There are a number of body language signs you can look out for which suggest things are going well.

From suppressed smiling to mirroring your body language, author and body language expert Judi James has revealed the signals you need to spot to know your date is going well.

Increase in interest signals
Judi said: “You should notice on a date, particularly if it’s a first date, an increase in interest signals. So of course they’re going to using eye contact to listen to you, but the eye contact should become slightly more flirty and sexual, and what that means is they’ll use nearly 100 per cent eye contact when you’re talking, maybe a head tilt as well, maybe the occasional raise and drop of the eyebrows.

“But the big tell is when they look from the eyes to the mouth and then back up again. That means they’re actually thinking they would like to kiss you.

“It can mean you’ve got a bit of food stuck in your teeth so don’t take that as 100 per cent.”

Suppressed smiling
Judi said: “You’ll get what’s called suppressed smiling because when somebody really starts to fancy somebody they begin to get what’s called ‘the look of love’, a soft face expression, which looks very romantic.

“So you’ll see a sort of smile building, a nice soft eye expression, but then they keep trying to suppress it because they don’t want to look uncool.”

Mirroring body language
Judi said: “Another sign is when they start to mirror your body language – not too intensely but you’ll notice your breathing rituals become synchronised, that when you lean forward they’ll lean forward slightly, your vocal tones begin to synchronise and you laugh at the same time.

“That mirroring should show high levels of rapport that they really fancy you.”

There are also a number of sings to look out for that your date is not interested in you.

When a person is not into their date, they perform one of two extremes, and it depends on how polite they are.

Judi said: said: “But when we’re dating somebody it’s normally a difficult performance for them because dates tend to be in quite a confined space, so either you’re sitting together in a bar or you’re sharing dinner together, so you’ve kind of got nowhere to go or nowhere to hide.”