Dating Tips Online – Dump Him With Style

Here are some dating tips online that will help you dump him in style. Why? Because it’s never easy to break up, and here is nobody who would accept a break-up with a smile on their face. So here are some tips for you that will help you dump the guy in style.

Don’t stall! – If you know it’s over, it’s over. You’re not going to do any good to you or your partner if you’re avoiding the unavoidable.

Be honest! – We all know that line: it’s not you it’s me. It can be easy to use it, but it’s a whole lot better telling him the true reasons you want to end it.

Don’t play at two ends – The worst thing you can do is to start a new relationship before you tell your lover that it’s over. Plus, your future partner will always have doubts about him.

You can’t be friends – And you shouldn’t expect to be friends after it’s over. Even if you were, you won’t be. So don’t expect everything will be alright after this.

Let him speak his mind – It ain’t going to be over when you said it’s over, especially if this comes sudden for him. He’s going to ask questions, and try to make you change your mind. Let him say what he has to say, as you’ll be able to explain him all the reasons that made you want to end it.

Avoid public places – Even if you don’t like him anymore, don’t dump him in a public place. Unless, he’s violent, and you want to avoid getting a beating from him.

Write down what you feel – If you find it hard to confront him and tell him it’s over, then you should write down on paper all that you’re feeling and why. However, don’t mail it. Deliver it personally, and ideally wait for him to read it.

No regrets – We tend to feel guilty when it’s over. This makes us either change our decision, or hate him even more. If it’s final, then it won’t matter how much he’s going to plead or say he’s going to change.

Don’t fight – The only reason you’ll start a fight is to feel less guilty, which will make the other feel it’s his fault. Again, you don’t have to make him hurt more than he has to, so take the direct approach

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