Dating Tips Online Grandpa Never Knew

Grandpa may seem like a mild fellow who takes a lot of aggravation from Grandma, but he might not always have been like this. Back in his day, when he was playing the field he could have been scouting around for dating tips online, doing what he could to find new talent even without the help of the Internet.

In the sixties Grandpa might have been big on dates. From the phone on the wall he would call and fix a day and time to pick up a girl for their first date. He would approach the family home nervously, knock on the door and be met by a father, either sourly, or smilingly, depending on the first impression. Family opinions and approval are not required in online dating, but it may be useful to share a few items of information with a family friend. The advice could be useful, like the advice given about Grandpa to some of his dates.

Positive or negative, the girl would have to be home by a fixed time on a sixties date. That was important because it was an indication of how well a boy could be trusted. Reliability and trust have always been important. Getting the girl home more or less on time was a good move, no matter how much the temptation may have been to dally.

A first impression of trustworthiness is perhaps even more important when it comes to online dating. A girl may flit offline like a bird flying away forever if she does not trust a first impression. She does not have her parents’ views to fall back upon.

Most guys know instinctively about the importance of first impressions and reliability but efforts to create the best impression can backfire disastrously. Anything that can be interpreted as boasting probably will be. The chat screen may remain blank. Although pictures and sound are available they may be distorted and should be left for after the first keyboard contact. So it all boils down to what is typed in.

Writing has again become as important as it was back in the days of Jane Austen. It can make or break a relationship. What you dash down will be read and judged. A good tip is to think first before typing and then read what you have on the screen before pressing ‘send’.

Sometimes it is tempting to bend the truth. For example, if a girl lets slip that she likes movies it may be tempting to pretend an interest that you don’t really feel. It is very easy to slip into white lies, and very awkward to explain them away as a relationship progresses beyond the initial stage.

Perhaps the most important dating tips online is the same one that will be true for all times. It was explained by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, a long time ago, and it goes like this: Treat other people as ends in themselves and not as means to an end. Think of the person on the other screen as a real human being, and don’t think of what you can get out of her.

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