Dating tips to attract that specific girl

Going after specific girl is a completely different game than trying to attract a stranger. With strangers is sometimes the case of numbers. If it attraction method doesn’t work on one girl there’s always a next one online. Try enough of these girls out and you will find a girl for you. Is just a matter of maintaining confidence and sticking to the methods that work for you.

Attract That Specific Girl

When trying to attract specific girl this whole equation gets turned on its side. You only get one chance. Even if you’re running at 25% rate of success, which isn’t bad, that only leaves you a one in four chance of being successful if you desire one specific girl that number is not acceptable.

Desperation holding you Back?

One of the big problems when going after specific girl is desperation. Wanting just one woman brings out the desperation and you. Is hard to get that feeling of being able to walk away when she is all you want. Because of this many men unintentionally give off a feeling of desperation. If you are desperate or seem to be desperate to a woman you can almost guarantee that you have absolutely no shot at success. One of the reason many dating systems work is because they were caught the system that doesn’t work you move on until it does.  This builds confidence and repetition and actually greatly increases your chance each and every time of success simply because you don’t care.

Get her to Care by Seeming Not to Care

It may sound like it’s talking in circles but one of the best ways to attract women, even a specific woman, is to simply seem as if you could not care at all.

You want to show interest and appreciation for her but give her the feeling that your feelings will not be hurt if she turns you down. Specifically if you feel like such a thing will actually crush your soul.

If you Really Want to Win: Cheat

If you’re going to try to get a specific woman interested there’s no reason to play fair. If she is all that interests you why should you be on the same playing field as all the other guys trying to get her.  in other words if you want to win, learn to cheat. One of these methods of learning to cheat is by learning how to use the Pandora’s Box method of attraction. This system works fairly well for finding any woman in figuring out how to approach and attract her.  The system works specifically well when it is used to try to attract specific woman as it will teach you in depth the exact proper moves and give you a great idea of what is on her mind and what she wants based upon what basic category of woman she falls into. It is really quite simple.

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