Dating Tips – Who to Trust

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, and what has been always shall be. And this is so true when it comes to dating and meeting people. Whilst we may dress it up and give new titles to the exercise essentially it’s the same principal as laid down since the dawn of time. It’s as simple as boy meets girl – boy likes girl – girl likes boy the end.

Only modern society loves to complicate the issue. And the complication comes down to choice we have far more choice than the ancients, and this is far more relevant for women than men. So if looking for successful dating tips, whose advise should you seek?

Well what I’m about to say may sound odd or even inconceivable, but it depends on how much credence you place on experience.

Because in western culture we tend to treat our elderly as a hindrance, where as eastern cultures see the elderly as wise and all knowing, so yes my first tip is seek advice from your nana because she will never lie to you.

The next best place to seek dating tips is from your parents, I can hear some of you saying “eww ” but the facts remain your parents have been where you are right now. And have felt the anxiety, the nervousness, the uncertainty, the panic of wanting to be liked. No more than that, to be accepted and desired by those around them. So who has more firsthand experience on dating than them but when choosing whom to seek advice from listen to both you can’t go wrong…..

You can also seek advice from your closest friends. Which on the surface may seem like a wonderful idea, and to be fair is the popular route favoured by women. But, and I mean but…be careful, advice from your friends needs close examination! Let’s put it this way, if the tips come from a friend in a stable relationship my bet is to trust them why? Because they have love, there not in the game-they played, they won, hit the jackpot so they’re not competing for attention they’ve got it! If you’re seeking dating tips from friends who are single, well my friend that says it all “how can you advise me if you’re single”…. Think about it!

Lastly if all else fails and the impending date draws ever closer, look online for good no nonsense dating tips to help you be a success. Sift through all the advise and there is a lot and decide what will work for you and apply it and you’re sure to be a hit.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and you will try to use some (if not all) of the tips outlined here so in the future you’ll know who to trust for successful dating tips.

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