Dating Tips You Can’t Live Without

Whether you’ve been on the dating circuit for some time, or are just starting out, you must know how to handle yourself. It’s not enough to just ask someone out. You have to sell yourself to that person, and this article will show you how.

The following are some dating tips you can’t live without. Read them, learn them, and live by them.

Don’t zone out.

The purpose of a date is to get to know another person. With that being said, keep your ears open during a conversation. Don’t just talk, but also listen to what they’re saying. Doing so will enable better dialog, as well as an understanding of whether or not you’re good for each other.

Keep your eyes open.

Decode how your date really feels by reading his or her body language. Are their eyes focused intently on you, or wandering? Do they touch your arm a lot? Does their smile seem genuine, or fake? You can learn a lot by tuning into what they’re not saying.

Get a watch.

Don’t pick up your date any earlier or later than you said you would. Make sure to leave in plenty of time, just incase of unforeseen circumstances like bad traffic. If you get there too early, grab a coffee somewhere and wait. Whatever you do, don’t be late, but if you are running a little longer than expected, always call and let your date know.


A date is not a criminal trial. Just relax, and have fun while getting to know that special someone. If it works out, great! If it doesn’t, rest assured there are plenty of other singles to meet. Take with you these dating tips you can’t live without, and you’ll never fail.

Now listen carefully

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