Dating websites 2015: Finding the right dating site for you


The mega popular dating sites boast about the millions of subscribers and success stories associated with the site. What they don’t talk about is the number dead dating profiles and non-paying members with active dating profiles, without access to any received messages.

The most current statistics reflect online dating generates over 1.2 billion dollars per year. There are 54,250,000 single people in the U.S. claims 21,575,00 members, and e-Harmony claims 15,500.000 members. The average online dater spends $239.00 per year on dating sites. Not only is online dating an investment of your money, it’s greatly an investment of your time and energy.

Smaller, niche dating sites may offer better matching venues based on your interest and what’s most important to you in finding a mate. Smaller niche sites may also have email filtering systems that save you a good deal of time by aiding in sorting-out emails entailing inappropriate interest.

Example: If you are a 21-year-old woman seeking men age 21-30, the dating site email filters will discard messages from men over age-30, who desire women who are half their age, in some cases. The dating website Plenty of Fish has an automatic age gap cutoff of 14-years, no matter what age range you state as your preference. This feature is great for young women who don’t choose to date men who are older than their dad! Male users have the same option to thwart the interest of ‘older women.’

Very attractive women receive an overwhelming onslaught of email messages in the online dating arena, as do very attractive men. Unfortunately, some of the messages may contain overt sexual comments or inappropriate request., had to strengthen it’s email filters to combat the level of sexually explicit email messages sent to female members. Some of the email messages were so perverse and offensive it caused many Asian female subscribers to abandon the site.

The dating site, doe’s not allow the men to contact the women on the site. Only the female profiles have a contact function. Great website for busy and/or picky women who don’t want to deal with tons of email messages from unsuitable, random men.

There are dating websites that cater to Christians, interracial dating, hobbies, interests, and right down to political party lines. is geared to like minded republicans. The company that operates the site has over 250 niche dating websites geared to specific interest.

So before you depart with your hard earned cash on the mega dating sites, check out a free niche site or two. You may accomplish the same goal without the cash, and extraneous number of hours pouring over countless unsuitable dating profiles on the mega sites.



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