#dating | What is the Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?


The sugar daddy lifestyle is not always full of luxuriousness and extravagance.

It’s neither full of prostitutes or call-girls.

A real sugar daddy is not always a “rich sugar daddy”, sometimes he’s humble, hard-working, and has a little bit of extra cash to spend on a special lady friend each month. It’s not far from the conventional dating world, it just has a cute name.

The sugar daddy lifestyle doesn’t always consist of lies which need to be fact-checked. It can be a very honest way of life, since the question of personal finance is already on the table. In-fact, there are no precursors to having the “money” conversation even on the first date.

Here are 10 exciting and enviable traits of the sugar daddy lifestyle:

10. Your sugar baby calls you a “Rich Sugar Daddy”, even if you’re far from it. Hey, it wins you points with her available friends.

9. You have to start adding creative physical traits to your contact list. You can only have so many Nicoles and Laurens before you have to get really specific with each one.

8. Your dance card is always full, even if you don’t want it to be. These girls are hungry and they want you, like, now!

7. The ladies finally understand what a “No String Attached Sugar Daddy” is, no awkward explanation necessary.

6. You are Aloof for the first time in your miserable life, kudos.

5. You get to use the word “no” for once, or twice… You don’t want to double-book sugar babies!

4. Your most annoying personality quirks are now the object of sugar baby’s desires. Don’t question it, just bask in it.

3. You answer more commonly to The Most Interesting Man in the World than even The Most Interesting Man in the World does, now that’s something!

2. Your attire has increasingly become more dapper than you ever dreamed it could. It’s okay to notice those things :)

1. You adhere to the strict “sugar daddy code” that was set eons before you. No, you cannot talk about the “sugar daddy code”. If you don’t know what the “sugar daddy code” is, ask your mom.

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