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Bedroom confidence issues are something most men will encounter at least once in their sexual escapades.

It’s often a very personal matter and we tend to shy away from discussing it (or even acknowledging it).

I urge you to avoid any ads that promote a “miracle cure” for bedroom confidence issues since these are almost guaranteed to be a scam.

I only recommend accepting treatment from your doctor but, more often than not, the problem is something that pills won’t be able to solve.

It’s more likely to be related to anxiety or a lack of self-confidence, which is something that we all struggle with.

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It’s part of being human and there shouldn’t be any shame associated with it.

Instead of avoiding the problem or pretending it doesn’t exist, we have to start identifying the underlying issues that can cause things like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and perhaps most importantly…

Premature ejaculation and/or rapid climax.

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than having all the tools to get the job done, only to reach your peak early… leaving you and your lady friend feeling unfulfilled and disappointed.

There are so many potential causes for such problems that it can be extremely difficult to identify exactly what’s causing the issue and how you can work towards solving it.

While you may not know exactly why you’re peaking too early, there are a number of techniques to last longer in bed that you can employ to potentially reduce the occurrence of premature ejaculation and hopefully begin to understand exactly what’s causing the problem.

Here are 3 that seem to be effective for most men:

1) Train Your Stamina With A Sex Toy (Like A Fleshlight)

If you’re still sexually inexperienced or have a history of being a two-pump-chump, you should consider getting in some practice with the next best thing:

A Fleshlight!

Sex is something that most of us won’t get much of a chance to practice beforehand.

Plus, jerking off doesn’t come close to comparing to what sex will actually feel like.

Fleshlights are sex toys that aim to replicate the female vagina… and you’d be surprised as to just how close they are to the real thing!

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They even have a toy made for just this purpose:

The Stamina Training Unit.

By practicing with these realistic toys, you can better prepare yourself for the real thing so that you don’t climax before you’ve had a chance to enjoy yourself.

For more info on which Fleshlight is right for you (and how to get the best price), consider checking out this Fleshlight guide.


2) Make Her Climax First (Be A Gentleman)

This tip is a fairly common strategy for men who worry about busting too quickly.

And personally, I always prefer to thoroughly please my partner with oral before we start doing the deed.

While you’re giving her cunnilingus, you build up the tension and excitement making for an overall more satisfying orgasm.

Once you’ve ensured that your lady friend is thoroughly pleased, odds are that once you’ve seen her enjoy an explosive orgasm… any of the pressure/anxiety you may have been feeling will be relieved!

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Another tip for guys that could use a little help lasting longer during sex is to look into “delay sprays.”

These sprays contain a numbing agent (usually benzocaine or lidocaine) which when applied to your penis, will numb you slightly so that sensations aren’t so intense.

(You can also try eating this simple 5 ingredient snack for a harder and longer erection)

This might sound a bit lame.

However, they don’t remove the sensation completely (unless you apply too much).

Delay sprays and creams are super useful if you have trouble lasting long enough to bring your partner to climax before you do.


3) Masturbate Before Intercourse (Bust Out That Easy Nut)

Sometimes when you actually get to the moment of truth, the excitement of having sex and being with a lovely lady will often stir up some extreme sexual tension inside of you.

(You’re only human, after all.)

The problem is that when you’ve spent the last few hours daydreaming about the sexual encounter you’re about to have, by the time you get down to the actual act… you’re overstimulated and climax before she’s even had a chance to touch your willy!

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The simple answer to this conundrum is fairly obvious:

While you’re out to dinner or watching a movie on the couch, slip away to the restroom and relieve some of that tension!

The first nut is always going to be an easy one, so if you get the chance to slip away 30 minutes to an hour before you plan on scoring…

… bust out that easy one first to avoid a disappointing orgasm when the moment of truth finally arrives!

I sincerely hope that you give some of these strategies a try to hopefully assist you in making your sexual experiences as amazing as they should be!

Remember that bedroom confidence issues are something every man struggles with, stop putting yourself down and get your confidence back.

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And the one thing that improved his stamina the most… ? Well, actually, I’ll just let him tell you in his words:

“Thanks Donald… and while it’s true that the 3 above techniques do help me last a good deal longer…

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As a matter of fact a lot of hot younger starlets LOVE working with Dave because he can go for so long…

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