#datingadvice | 3 Simple Phrases That Get Hot Girls On Board With Non-Monogamy (Even if She BEGS You to Go Exclusive)…

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Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce, and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and dating.

I’m really happy about all the guys who wrote in.

There are so many wonderful questions, so let’s get right into it.

Okay, this next question is from Jared, and thanks for writing in.

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Jared says:

The girl I’m seeing just said she wants to be exclusive. I had other plans, namely an open relationship, but I’d like an open relationship with her in it too. How do I navigate this minefield?”

It’s very easy, Jared.


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You define the relationship, not her.

By your question, you’re basically telling me where you are in your evolution of dating, okay?

And you’re still very infantile. The reason why I know this is because you’re asking this question.

The more experience you have with women, the better you get at handling these situations.

Especially when you want to be in an open relationship and the girl is like, “I want to be exclusive and I don’t want to be with you if you’re fu*cking other girls,” and blah, blah, blah.

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So if a girl says that to me, like, “Hey, I don’t want to be with you if you’re sleeping with other girls,” then I’ll just say:

“All right, great. There’s the door.”

And I will literally get up and walk to my door and open it up and ask her to leave. And I’ll say, “I think we’re great together and we have a lot of fun, and I’ll probably miss you. I just want you to know if your mind changes, reach out. Text me whenever you want.”

I don’t put up with ultimatums ever from women, especially about exclusivity.


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Another thing I’ll do is when a girl says that she wants to be exclusive, I’ll just … depending on where it is in the relationship, usually it starts happening around three months.

If it’s happening sooner than that, get away. Because the girl’s definitely a little bats*it crazy and I know this from experience.

But I’ll just say things like, “Well, I think we’re just still in the getting to know each other phase and I think it’s a little too soon to have this conversation.”

Or I just might make fun of her and be like, “Whoa, what are you trying to like put a ring on my finger? We just met each other like yesterday.”

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And she’ll be like, “It was three months ago.”

I’ll be like, “All right, well it still feels like yesterday, you know? Right now we’re just really having a good time and I don’t really feel comfortable putting a label on something and ruining it.”

So I tend to answer her with statements like that. But I want you to adopt the mentality that if she’s with you on your journey and your journey’s about dating many girls and having an open relationship, great.

She can come with you and have a great time. If she’s not with you, then goodbye, get out of here.

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See, the thing is, you’re coming from a scarcity mentality rather than an abundant mentality.

Because if you’ve got an abundance of vagina in your life, you wouldn’t care if this chick stayed or went.

You’d be like, “I’m having an open relationship. You don’t like it, get out of here.” Okay?

But you’re a little worried about losing this girl.

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Any time you’re getting good with women and developing this skillset and learning how to handle women, or bringing women into your life, you always have to have the mentality of never fearing the loss of any one particular woman.

When you don’t fear the loss of a woman, because you know you could walk out your door and go get another one, you’ll see women just become magnetically addicted and attracted to you.

All women want the man that they can’t get, and all women want the men that other women want.

Here’s what I mean:

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If you want to keep sleeping with other women, like I said, you have to stand your ground with her…

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