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Discover the Failproof Way to Get Her to Let Her Guard Down (Hint: It All Comes Down to ONE Word…)

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There’s something most guys fail to realize about women:

Women are always looking for red flags when they’re dating.

They are looking for a reason NOT to trust you… NOT to go home with you…

You have to remember–this isn’t their fault.

Women can get hurt when dating men, and they are vulnerable.  They have to literally worry about their physical safety when they decide to go home with a new guy.

And the hotter the woman, the more she’s been hit on by creepy guys, and the more vigilant she will be.

And the colder she will act…

So, before you can get her to go home with you, you have to get her to TRUST you.

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And there’s one failproof way of doing this:

Show her your own vulnerability.

If you make a woman feel even the tiniest bit unsafe, she is going to disappear on you FAST.

But conversely, if you show her your emotions, she’s going to cling a little closer…

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s video: exactly how you can show your feelings to make a woman feel safe and comfortable with you.

How can you tap into that primal “safety” part of her brain, make her unable to resist her pull toward you, and ready to tear her clothes off?

Watch the video above to find out…

get her to let her guard down
Keep reading to discover how to get her to let her guard down…

In this video, I reveal how to change how a woman feels toward you, plus:

  • The 4 common mistakes MOST guys make that cause women to pull away–And how you can instantly “flip her feelings,” even if you’ve already made one of these mistakes.
  • The ONE Word that makes you sexually irresistible to women…
  • Discover the 3 Super Simple Topics that always make her drop her defenses…And trust you so completely, she’ll drop her panties so FAST it’ll make your head spin…
  • Exactly how to “Rewrite Her Image of You” making her open to new experiences like THREESOMES and kinky sex… (This is the master secret to getting her to do pretty much anything you want in bed…)

  • My Foolproof “Story Share Method” that makes her want to comfort you… and why it leads to sex about 8 out of 10 times!

get her to let her guard down
This is the easiest way to get her to let her guard down…

The One Word That Makes You Sexually Irresistible …

When you make her think of this one word…it completely reprograms the image she has of you in her mind.

In fact, it’s hardwired into a woman’s DNA for this one word to make her want to rip off her panties for you… and it happens SO fast… it’ll make your head spin.

The magic word I’m talking about?


Vulnerability is like catnip for women.

The nurturing side of her brain, which has been hardcoded into women since cavemen days…is UNABLE to resist feeling overwhelmingly drawn and attracted to a man who makes himself vulnerable.

So how do you use this “fool proof” panty dropping strategy?

You tell her a story from your own life…that expresses your vulnerability.

It can be something as dramatic as the story of a loved one who overcame illness. Or just admitting that you cry over romantic comedy movies.

But the KEY to this whole strategy…is you tell her she’s one of the only people you’ve revealed this secret to. It makes her feel special, that you’ve chosen HER to open up to. And it results in sex I’d say 8 times out of 10.

You see this all the time in TV shows–there’s a guy who’s a huge badass… doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone…

But then it turns out he volunteers at Children’s Hospital on the weekends or something like that.

You’re doing the exact same thing in her mind… and it’s extremely powerful.

In fact…you can use this same tactic to get her to do pretty much anything you want her to do in bed.

It can get even the most uptight “good girl” to indulge you in whatever kinky, depraved fantasy you might have in mind.

We’re talking open-relationship… role-playing… threesomes…

Anything she’d normally say no to, is suddenly back on the table once she’s seen your vulnerable side.

Here’s a live video demonstration of how this strategy works on a hot girl to get her to come home with a guy in a little over an hour:

[VIDEO] 3 Simple Tips That Get Her to Do Whatever You Want In Bed

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