#datingadvice | 5 “Anti-Flirting” Tips That Get Her Wet For You…

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When most men approach an attractive woman that they want to go out on a date with, they’re totally clueless what to do.

This can cause you to overthink the situation.

Which triggers the worst (and least appropriate) psychological response imaginable.

Fight or flight.

When men get nervous, our caveman brains kick in. 

It assumes that we must be nervous because there’s a predator nearby.

This makes our brain produce adrenaline like crazy, with predictable consequences.

Shaky hands.

Trembling voice.

A complete inability to hold a casual conversation.

But this week I’m going to show you how to avoid this nervous response.

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In the video above, I show you my proven techniques that I’ve used with my clients for years to help them overcome this fear.

And the result? 

You can take your flirting game to a whole new level.

It might even be easier than you think.

Forget “game.” Forget pick-up lines. Forget complicated strategies and psychological tricks. 

Learn the simplest and easiest method to achieve a more satisfying dating life in record time.

Watch the video above to discover the easiest way to talk to women, score more dates, and get more s*x.

In this video, you’re going to learn:

  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE Most Guys Make When Flirting with Women
  • The Secret to Why Some Men Drive Women Crazy and Why Others are a Total Snoozefest
  • How to Get Into the Perfect Mental Headspace to Flirt with Hot Girls Effortlessly
  • Flirting 101: The Dynamics of a Fun and Flirty Conversation with Nines and Tens
  • The Ultimate Touch Secrets to Unlocking Any Woman’s Secret Desire

Flirting Without Words

Once you’re good and relaxed… you’re ready to interact with a hot girl you see. 

Notice I don’t say “talk”… “interact” is a much better word… since talking isn’t going to get you anywhere fast. 

In fact talking is the LEAST important part of flirting, because non-verbal communication makes up an astounding 93% of communication. 

This ESPECIALLY rings true if you’re trying to turn her on…

Think about it, you think she’s going to get wet from a funny joke you make? No!

Instead of talking to turn her on and get her to like you… it’s all about how you touch her.

Don’t worry! There’s nothing creepy or Jeffery Epstein about this at all. It’s so subtle she’ll barely notice you’ve touched her at all.

And if you know this 3-step touch sequence I’ve personally tested to bang over 400 hot girls… then it makes it so that you can talk about the weather… 

Or a TV show… 

Or anything at all… 

Since she’ll be getting so hot and horny for you… she’ll have trouble concentrating on anything other than wanting your hands all over her body, and your manhood deep inside her. 

And let’s be honest: I’m not a great catch. 

As a matter of fact I’m pretty below average in the looks department. 

I’m pudgy… bald… and I still have a thick accent…

I’m not rich either. 

But this 3-step touch sequence has gotten me laid with hot blonde girls more than 400 times! 

Because none of that superficial stuff matters if you can turn her on. 

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