#datingadvice | 5 Delightful Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything & Masturbate Right Now (Scientifically Proven)

Discover the real benefits of masturbating…

Discover The Surprising Benefits Of Masturbating & Why It’s Actually GREAT For Your Health Below…

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We all hate the 2 PM slump. 

And, it’s no surprise that a cup of coffee and an afternoon nap can make all the difference.

But, have you ever thought of replacing those well-timed zzz’s with a quick solo-sesh instead? Probably not. 

However, studies show that regular masturbation has a plethora of overall health benefits.

Seriously, these fast little self-love sessions can drastically improve your emotional, mental, and even physical health. 

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And, touching yourself for a few minutes when you feel your lids getting heavy could be more effective in getting you through your day than your regular cat nap. 

(Not to mention it’s also a great way to experience pleasure in a time when we’re all supposed to be self-isolating.)

To understand the total win-win of a little diddling, here are the reasons why you should drop the snooze-routine and get your hand moving:

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First Things First: Drop The Stigma

Ok, before we get into the health benefits of solo-play, first we need to break through the stigma.

Masturbation has always been a taboo topic. But, seriously, everyone does it!

Masturbation is completely normal. A lot of the guilt surrounding masturbation stems from religion or upbringing.

But, let’s be real… even good church-loving people love getting freaky sometimes!

Next to religion is education.

For many of us, total abstinence and resisting all sexual urges was what we were taught through sexual education.

And that’s if sexual education was even covered in our schooling!  So, it only makes sense that we have that rule-breaking fear still instilled in us. 

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But, those ideas are considered prehistoric now as more and more schools are teaching safe sex and preventative methods.

It’s time to break away from our fear of wanking it and embrace the immense health benefits of masturbating. 

To help us, let’s discuss why the health benefits of masturbating does more good for our bodies and minds than it does bad. 


1) Reduces Stress

Have you ever had a seriously super stressful day at the office and then gone home to release that tension with your partner?

If so, it probably made a hell of a difference in your attitude. 

But, not everyone has a partner.

And the truth is, you don’t have to actually have a partner to get the same stress-reducing effect of sex.

A little solo-wanking to get the blood flowing and tension released can be a magic cure when it comes to dealing with all types of stress.

Whether it’s everyday work stress, family stress, or personal stress, masturbation can come in clutch every time! 

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2) Increases Sexual Desire

By practicing regular masturbation, your sexual desire will increase.

Think about it like this:

If you’ve never had chocolate ice cream, how could you possibly know that you want it?

However, once you get the taste of it on your spoon, it might be all that you crave. 

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Masturbation works in kind of the same way; once you get a taste for it, you’ll want it all the time.

And that means you’ll want sex, as well, which could be a blessing if you have a sexually-hyped partner who’s been missing your touch. 


3) Improves Self-Esteem

Solo-play can have a huge influence on how you perceive yourself not just as a lover, but as an overall person.

Releasing sexual tension on a routine basis can help you to feel more relaxed in your body which can do wonders for your self-esteem. 

With a boosted ego, you will feel comfortable enough to explore your sexuality.

The world of sex is full of possibilities, and sure, you may not be able to do them all yourself, but by watching porn and getting handsy with yourself you can start to explore some of those sexual fantasies and kinks that you’ve kept hidden for much too long. 

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4) Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

In regards to physical health, releasing a load a few times a week can lower the risk of prostate cancer, which can be a fun preventative measure to take, especially if you have a family history of the disease.

In 2016, a study over an 18-year period with a whopping 32,000 men showed that the men that ejaculated more were less likely to develop prostate cancer.

And even further, these statistics were not affected by other parts of the men’s lifestyles such as partying, drugs, alcohol, diet, or exercise. 

That means that even if you eat fast food for every meal, drink a couple of handles a week, and detest exercise, you could still potentially avoid prostate cancer just by giving your cock a little attention.

How great is that?


5) Cures Some Symptoms Of Depression

When you masturbate a rush of dopamine is released to your brain, making you feel all sorts of happy tingles internally and externally.

Dopamine is an organic chemical that is responsible for all the pleasurable feelings you experience

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So, it’s no wonder that a daily dose of dopamine can help fight off depression and keep your mood happy and stable.

It’s like the all-natural happy pill.

And, you don’t even have to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription!

The benefits of masturbating also extend into the bedroom

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Have you ever heard of the concept of “muscle memory”? 

Basically, the more you do something… the easier it is for your body to “automatically” do it from there on out.

Which is why it’s crucial that you climax fairly regularly. 

That’s because muscle memory absolutely applies to your penis… and if you aren’t regularly getting any release (either with a woman or solo)… you may have trouble “rising to the occasion” in the bedroom… 

… you’ll have worse blood flow *down there*… (which means smaller loads and weaker erections)… 

… and you may find that when you DO finish, it happens too soon… (if it happens at all). 

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