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When it comes to the qualities that attract women to men… what do women really want?

It’s a question that guys have been asking for ages–and the answers seem to always be changing.

And so when the times come for you to really get out there and meet women, it can be difficult to know how to act.

Well, not anymore.

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Thanks to some recent studies, we’ve gathered the 5 quickest things you can do to make yourself more attractive to women. And today, I’m going to share them with you.

Some of these tips are as easy as opening up your closet, and some might require a little more work–but since each one has been proven to reel in the ladies, a little extra effort will definitely be worth it. Trust me. ?

So if you want to know some quick fixes that will attract more ladies soon, then keep reading.

5 Fast Fixes to Make More Women Want You Instantly

1) Show Off Your 5 O’Clock Shadow

There’s something sexy about a man with a little stubble, and now we know why.

A 2018 Australian study asked women to rate the attractiveness of men based on 4 stages of facial hair:


Light stubble…

Heavy stubble…

And full beard.

The results?

Women are overwhelmingly more attracted to men who fall into the category of “heavy stubble,” which is the kind you get after about 10 days of growth.

The attraction factor has to do with the evolutionary trends of human beings, many of which still come up in this day and age.

Women have an innate attraction to masculinity as it used to indicate a man’s ability to provide. Back in the day, the more masculine a man was, the more able-bodied he would be for hunting and protecting his wife and children.

So what does that have to do with facial hair?

Well, facial hair presents you as mature and masculine. Don’t go too long with it, though–too much facial hair can indicate excessive dominance, and more importantly, hide that oh-so-appreciated jawline.

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2) Wear A Scented Deodorant

While you probably could have guessed that smelling good couldn’t hurt, this one actually works in a way you may not expect.

A 2009 study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science presented evidence that men who know they are wearing a fragrance, and are aware that they smell good, feel more confident and express more confidence to others.

In the study, women watched a silent video of men–some of whom were wearing a scented deodorant or another fragrance, and some of whom were not.

The women were able to detect the confidence of the men wearing the fragrance, and thus they were overall far more attracted to those men.

So what?

So, sporting a fresh scent promotes self-assurance AND makes you smell delicious to women, effectively killing two birds with one stone. ?

3) Wear Bold Colors (Especially Red)

Bold colors draw the eye, and what draws the eye is perceived as more attractive.

A cross-cultural study done in 2010 asked women to look at photos of men against a black and white background and against a red background.

Then, they were asked to compare the men for their attractiveness.

The results showed that women were exponentially more attracted to the men against the red background.

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The women were then shown men against backgrounds in all other colors, and the men against the red background still reigned supreme.

Red is the color of power and masculinity, and men wearing red are therefore seen as also possessing these traits. Powerful, masculine men are inherently more attractive to women as both long or short-term partners.

5 Fast Fixes to Make More Women Want You Instantly

4) Don’t Go Full “Body-Builder”

A chiseled body is obviously always a plus, but too much size can actually work against you when it comes to attracting women.

UCLA conducted a scientific survey in 2007 in which women looked at shirtless pictures of men and picked the most attractive men for:

a) Short-term relationships, and…

b) Long-term relationships.

The survey’s results revealed that women were more likely to want a short-term relationship with men who have bigger muscles. So if you’re not trying to settle down anytime soon, go ahead and pump all the iron your heart desires.

However, if you’re trying to snag a girlfriend or more, ease back a bit. The less-muscled men with lean and more average builds were deemed far more worthy of long-term relationships.

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5) Get A Dog (Or Borrow One) ?

I know, this one seems like a bit more of a commitment… but hear me out.

A survey conducted in 2014 asked 100 women to rate men based on a combination of pictures and descriptions.

Even if a man was not favorably described overall, he was far more likely to be deemed worthy of a long-term relationship by these women if he was pictured with a dog, or described as owning a dog.

The associations with dog ownership are pretty clear–if you can take care of a dog, it means you are able to provide. Not just food and water, but love and attention as well.

Owning a dog makes a man appear nurturing and paternal, and the responsibility required makes him seem conscientious and able to make long-term decisions.

Plus, according to the survey, owning a dog can actually help men make up for some of the qualities women might not find appealing.

At the end of the day, these 5 fast fixes are a great start if you want to attract more women this year… but what if you want even more?

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