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Hey man, Hector from over at Girls Chase here.

Today I want to show you some straightforward, highly effective tips that will help you get a one night stand.

I’ll cover 5 pieces advice that–when combined in a sensible manner (meaning you don’t take any one piece of advice to an extreme and thereby ignore the complementary advice)– will help you achieve a one night stand.

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So if you’ve ever had trouble getting a hot girl to come home with you…

Or it seems to take you hours just to get a “peck on the cheek”…

Then I’m going to help you eliminate those issues, and get exactly what you want.

So with that in mind, here are 5 highly effective habits of men who regularly land one night stands:

1) They Know When to Lower Their Standards

Unless you are exceptionally good with women and have refined your tastes over a long career of womanizing, it’s best to realize that, when it comes to one night stands, you should have one goal in mind:


Even the guys I know with the highest standards will still take an “OK” or cute girl home if it’s easy for them.


Because when the lights are off, sex is pretty much just sex, no matter how you slice it.

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Furthermore, getting one night stands consistently boosts your confidence and improves your ability to get more one night stands.

Makes sense, right?

Flirting is flirting, no matter who with, and hooking up is hooking up, no matter who with.

Although your focus should be on getting some action tonight, remember that the actions of the present affect the future. Think process, not events.

The better you get at sleeping with women, of any quality, the better you will be with more beautiful women. The process is the same, regardless of her quality.

A guy who regularly sleeps with bombshells sees them as just girls–which is how they see themselves.

The truth is, women want to be appreciated and adored… but if you treat her like some special unicorn, she’s likely to assume that you don’t often get women of her quality. Which means, in her mind, you are “lower value” than her.

And if you haven’t already discovered, women like to sleep with their peers and their superiors. So lower your standards. That’s tip #1.


2) They’re Direct

I would recommend this tactic to any guy, even if you don’t normally have the sexually direct style that I do.

Being direct doesn’t necessarily mean you should explicitly tell her what you want to do to her (although you can definitely do that). However, it does mean you should be direct with your interest.

For example, I highly recommend meeting her with a compliment.

When you compliment a girl as your opener, you make your intentions clear at the outset and screen her out quickly if she’s not interested (the name of the game is screening girls out, not in).

I’m also a very social guy and will initiate conversation with something simple, like “Hello,” as well. But make sure there is sexual intent behind it–strong eye contact, a smirk, and body language facing her.

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If, however, you are being social and don’t make your interest clear–and you are too inexperienced to distinguish flirting from politeness –you could be led on a wild goose chase where she simply enjoys your company for the night, with nothing physical in mind.

Of course, this is fine and enjoying the company of a beautiful woman is good in and of itself, but a man has desires. And this article is about fulfilling those desires, not just having a good time.


A Word on Being Direct With Your Words Vs. With Your Body…

When I say be “direct,” I also mean you have to be physically direct.

Even if you consider yourself more of a conversationalist, all it takes is for one hand on her hips to communicate that you’re interested in her sexually.

And as for closing, well, whether you’d like to get a one night stand via the “Let’s go have a nightcap” approach or you prefer the ol’ “Netflix & Chill,” it benefits you to be direct about your plans.

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If you’re not direct, and she isn’t aware of your desires, there’s a good chance she may feel confused about what it is exactly you’re after.

For example, if you’ve ever had a girl ask, “What do you want?” or some derivative of this, then you know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling a girl what you want from her…

And that’s all she needs to give it to you. 😉


3) They’re Persistent

Persisting correctly is not about trying again and again; that’s likely to annoy her or make you look desperate.

Instead, it’s about persisting in the right way, at the right time.

Here’s a personal story to illustrate what I mean:

A year ago, working at a club, I met this cute chick. It was clear that we were kinda digging each other, and she asked me what time I got off.

I told her, and then I said we’re gonna hang out. She asked where I lived–I told her and then said again that I was taking her home.

Here’s what happened next:

Her: “You’re bringing me home.”

Me: “Yeah, we’re going to my house.”

Her: “Nooo, you’re bringing me home.”

Me: “Oh…well, yeah, after we go to my place, I’ll take you home, sure!” (She laughed)

Her: “Well…maybe we can go get some pizza and then you can take me home.”

Me: “What’s your hesitance, sweetie?” (She looks surprised) “Tell me, what’s keeping you from saying yes? I want to hear it.”

At this point, she looked caught off guard but was also smiling and blushing.

Her: “You want me to be honest…?”

Me: “Yep. I want to hear it.”

Her: “What are we going to do at your house?”

Me: “Oh, I’m gonna f*** your brains out.”

She was speechless. But I noticed her body lurch towards me, ever so slightly. Her hips were touching mine and I noticed a slight lift from her hips onto mine.

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Her: “Uhh…I don’t go home with random boys. I’m not that easy.”

Me: “Easy? Who said anything about easy? What are you talking about?”

She looked shocked… however, her hips were firmly touching mine, and her upper body was also leaning toward me, her arms close to mine.

Her: “I’m not going to hookup with you.”

Me: “Oh, sweetie, I’m not just gonna f*** you tonight. I’m gonna f*** you tonight, all morning, and then we’re going to spend the day together.”

She stared at me. I continued:

Me: “Yeah, we’re gonna cook breakfast together, and then maybe talk a walk in the park, and then I’m gonna f*** you some more, and then if you want to come over tomorrow night, you can, too.”

She stared at me for a second, and then she looked down as if she was pondering it quite seriously.

Me: “Does that sound like fun? I mean if you don’t want to, I totally understand. But I’d really like it if you did join me. You’re so sexy, adorable, and you’re my girl.”

Then I grabbed her face and kissed her.


You Might Not Believe What Happens Next…

At this point, everyone around us was staring, including some of my co-workers.

Me: “So, are you my girl? Are you spending the night with me?”

She nodded. After I got off work, we got pizza and went home for some insanely passionate sex.

So what?

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So, as you can see, you may have to try many times… but it’s how you do it that matters.

It can be as simple as reiterating your desire by saying, “You’re coming home with me,” or just asking her why she’s saying no.

With this girl, I knew by her objections that she didn’t want to be casually picked up and needed some romancing. I felt like giving her this, so I didn’t lie or manipulate her. I simply saw the opportunity to give her what she wanted.

But first, I had to know what that was. All I had to do was pay attention.


4) They’re Patient

If you go out with the intention of getting sex, but go after it like a hungry lion… you may find yourself coming off as too assertive, needy, or desperate.

Some of the guys I know with the highest “hit rates” are the ones who don’t mind spending hours in the club or bar.

In fact, sometimes they just stand there and do nothing.

Seriously–landing a one night stand can often be a waiting game. All you have to do is know when the right girl has walked in.

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5) They Move on Fast From Bad Prospects

One of the bouncers I worked with last year told me about his process that got him laid 40 times in the 40 nights he went out.

He’d begin the night early at a favorite bar–if he couldn’t find a girl to take home, he’d approach and just gather numbers.

Once he hit a wall, his next step was to move on to the next bar.

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He’d continue this process until the very end of the night–meanwhile, he’d text the women whose numbers he got to see if their mood changed and they wanted to meet up later.

His results?

Impressively, he got action 40 out of the 40 nights he did this.

And it’s all because he knew not to spend too much time on girls who were only “lukewarm.”

At the end of the night, if you spend more than 15 or 20 minutes with a girl and she keeps rebuffing your advances, it’s time to move on.

And if you think, after those 15 minutes, you might have a shot?

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