#datingadvice | 5 Science-Backed Tips That Will Get You Laid On Hinge

New Data Reveals Which Hinge Dating Tips Work… Fast

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Remember, a time long before dating apps, when you would approach someone interesting in a coffee shop or bar?

Yeah, me neither.

Dating apps are the easiest way to quickly meet other singles.

Most people are busier than ever, so it’s no surprise that dating apps are used so often. They’re just easy.

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While we have plenty of guides on how to best navigate dating apps and use them to your advantage, the biggest problem guys face on dating apps is… using the wrong app.


You might be striking out because the women you’re looking for aren’t even on the app you’re using.

And now new data has proven it.

Frustrating, right?

So today, we’re here to help you figure out which app is the best for you, and why you should be using it.

Let’s get started!

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Why Swiping Right Isn’t Cutting It For Most Guys Anymore…

You know the way apps like Tinder work.

You swipe right… and if she happens to stumble upon your picture and swipe right, then you’ll both get matched.

It sounds easy and simple, but the premise is actually quite flawed.


According to a data scientist at Hinge, a woman is twice as likely to like a man’s photo if she knows he’s interested.

Let’s jump back to Tinder to apply this example.

You swipe right on a hot girl, and nothing ever comes from it. So does that mean she didn’t find you attractive?

Not necessarily.

Since women are more likely to reciprocate once they know a man is interested, she might not have swiped for many reasons.

Maybe she thought you were out of her league…

Maybe she was intimidated…

And maybe she was worried you’d swipe left on her (you never know!).

Whatever the reason, Hinge has found that women will more confidently like a man’s photo if they already know he is interested.


Hinge Dating Tips: 5 Ways Any Guy Can Get Laid on Hinge (Scientifically Proven)

What Hinge does better than other dating apps is it allows users to see the people who have liked them, freely.

This transparency often gets single men, in particular, more likes, since women are the ones who tend to hesitate to like a man’s photo.

By allowing her to see you’ve already liked her on Hinge, the odds are much more likely that she’ll like you back.

Of course, this works the other way around, as well, but statistically seems to benefit straight men the most.

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1)  Initiate More

Hinge itself states that the more men initiate liking women on their app, the more likely they are to get a response.

While this advice seems pretty basic, it’s actually been proven more effective on Hinge than any other app, simply because of the transparency.

Women tend to reach out first three times less often than men, so it’s within your best interests to initiate if you really want a shot with her.

So, like more, and expect more. It’s that simple.


2) Use Her Name

According to Bustle, using your match’s first name is a great way to get on their good side.

They claim that complimenting your match’s name will increase your chances of scoring their number by 12.5%.

Let Serena know you love her first name or ask Shante what her name means. At a minimum, at least use her name while talking to her.

3) Don’t Get Discouraged

Once you’ve been matched with someone and you’re hitting it off, you might want to exchange numbers right away.

Try not to jump the gun.

Hinge found the average time it takes to successfully get to the point where you both feel comfortable exchanging numbers is 3 days.

And remember, that’s an average.

So don’t rush it, but by day three, try to work it naturally into conversation–if it feels right.


4) Stop Apologizing

Did it take you a few hours to respond? Don’t apologize.

Everyone has a life, and apologizing for working or hanging out with friends makes no sense.

Plus, it also indicates that you did something wrong, worth apologizing for.

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You want to come across as confident and in control, so apologizing is not something you should aim for (unless you actually offended her, of course).

Which brings me to the final scientifically proven trick to get more numbers, dates and first-time hookups on Hinge… and it’s a good one:

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5) The Best Way to Get Laid Fast…

… starts with a simple message.

Because if you want to get her to eventually come over and hookup…

… then it’s SUPER important to send her a first message that will set you apart from all the other guys who are messaging her online.

Of course, no two women are exactly alike, so different girls will respond to different things…

… though in my experience, there’s one kind of message in particular, that gets almost every girl to respond right away.

(And it also makes her VERY eager to meet you in person.) 🙂

Come to think of it, the last time a guy from Hinge sent me a message like this… I ended up taking an Uber to his place that same night! (Even though I had to work the next day lol)

I’m getting kinda turned on just thinking about it actually haha… here’s what it is:

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