#datingadvice | 5 Surprising Benefits Of Taking Pre-Workout Powders (Including More Energy, Stamina & A Quick Testosterone Boost!)

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for that extra boost to my workout.

I workout, like a lot of guys do, for a lot of reasons… to look better, to feel better, and to boost my testosterone.

More testosterone has been linked to:

Better energy levels… more muscle mass… AND a much higher sex drive

Once I hit 40, I started to struggle with lower testosterone levels. It gets lower and lower with age—so I want every advantage I can get.

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And if I’m gonna hit the gym, I want to make it count…

I heard that taking a pre-workout can really juice your workout, and raise your testosterone.  But can it?

I decided to find out.  

Below, I’m going to share with you the science behind exactly what a pre-workout is, what it does, and whether or not older guys should take a pre-workout before the gym.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Pre-Workout?

If you’re like me, you might be wondering… just what is a pre-workout supplement?

In short: it’s a powder that you take before hitting the gym, that’s meant to give you extra energy, more strength, and an overall better workout.

Pre-workouts contain ingredients like:

  • Beta Alanine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • L-Arginine
  • …and more

The idea is that by taking ingredients like these, you feed your body with powerful stimulants and nutrients that enhance your workout.

Just what does the science say, though? Do they actually work?


The Science of Pre-Workouts

Different pre-workouts all have different ingredients, but there’s been a lot of research done on some of the most common ones.

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Caffeine anhydrous, for example, has been repeatedly shown to boost physical performance, and to give athletes an edge.

Caffeine Can Boost Performance

One meta-study, conducted at the Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences department at the University of Guelph, Ontario, for example, stated:

“[Caffeine] can be a powerful ergogenic aid at levels that are considerably lower than the acceptable limit of the International Olympic Committee and could be beneficial in training and in competition. Caffeine does not improve maximal oxygen capacity directly, but could permit the athlete to train at a greater power output and/or to train longer.”

Journal of Sports Medicine (Auckland, NZ)

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Researchers also stated that caffeine has “also been shown to increase speed and/or power output” in simulated race conditions.

In short, caffeine is a powerful stimulant… and when taken by older men, it can drastically enhance physical performance in the gym (and bedroom!).


Beta-Alanine & Physical Performance

Another common ingredient found in pre-workouts, known as beta alanine, has been shown to boost physical performance, even in trained athletes.

(So, it’s definitely going to help regular guys like you and me!)

One meta-study, conducted at the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University, stated the following about beta alanine:

“From the data available to date, it can be concluded that β-alanine supplementation elicits a significant ergogenic effect on high-intensity exercise, particularly in exercise capacity tests and measures, and where the exercise lasts between 1 and 4 min.”

The Forum for Amino Acid, Peptide and Protein Research

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The authors of this meta-study also went on to say that in another test, researchers found that 4 weeks of beta alanine supplementation led test subjects to have an 11.8% increase in exercise capacity.


The Big “T” & Pre-Workouts

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… do pre-workouts help older men boost testosterone?

And if so… what are the best practices?

Well, not all pre-workouts are created equal. Some are pitifully under-dosed, and will leave you wondering why you wasted your money.

If you want to boost your testosterone, you need a high quality pre-workout that’s been tested before. One great example is Nitraflex.

Nitraflex has loads of creatine, caffeine, and other important ingredients to boost your workouts… but its magic lies in an ingredient called “calcium fructopyronase borate,” or CFB for short.


How Does CFB Increase Testosterone?

CFB has been shown to have a pretty impressive effect on testosterone… which is exactly what I want.

In fact, in a meta-study published in the Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal, researchers stated the following about CFB and testosterone:

“After only 1 week of boron supplementation of 6 mg/d, a further study by Naghii et al of healthy males (n = 8) found (1) a significant increase in free testosterone, which rose from an average of 11.83 pg/mL to 15.18 pg/mL; and (2) significant decreases in E2, which dropped from 42.33 pg/mL to 25.81 pg/mL.

Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal

In other words, the average testosterone level of the test subjects they gave this ingredient to increased by a whopping 28%.

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They also went on to state that boron led to a decrease in bodily inflammation, and even boosted DHT (a form of testosterone):

“All of the inflammatory biomarkers that were measured also decreased: (1) interleukin (IL) 6, from 1.55 pg/mL to 0.87 pg/mL; (2) high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) by approximately 50%, a remarkable decrease, from 1460 ng/mL to 795 ng/mL; and (3) tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) by approximately 30%, from 12.32 to 9.97 pg/mL. Levels of dihydrotestosterone, cortisol, and vitamin D increased slightly.”

Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal

So, what does this mean for older men?

It means that taking a pre-workout containing CFB may be one of the fastest ways to boost your testosterone.


So… Who Should Take Pre-Workout?

In short, anyone who goes to the gym should consider taking a pre-workout, particularly one like Nitraflex that boosts your testosterone levels.

Pre-workouts have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Better Energy Levels
  • Increased Strength
  • More Intense Pumps
  • Higher Testosterone Levels
  • …and more

In fact, maybe the extra energy boost will help you flirt with girls who are working out…

Taking a pre-workout that contains boron is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost your testosterone levels.

Not only will you get better performance in the gym, which will boost your testosterone by itself, but you’ll also get a clinical dose of CFB, which has been proven to boost testosterone in research studies.


Bigger Pump, More “T,” Raised Libido… Any Downside?

Pre-workouts work by pumping more blood to your muscles, which is usually a good thing—unless you have a medical condition.

So, anyone who has an underlying heart condition should avoid taking pre-workouts. And remember, it’s always a good idea to check in with your doctor before trying anything new!

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As with any sort of powerful supplement, there could be potential side effects.

Some common side effects of pre-workouts Can include anxiety, jitters, digestive issues or sweaty palms.

Any stimulant can give you these side effects—even taking too much coffee!

But just to be safe, it’s good to start slow, like by taking a half a scoop of pre-workout… if you notice any side effects, you can cut the dosage down.

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