#datingadvice | 5 Unmistakable Signs She Wants to Talk To You (Video)

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I’ve seen a lot of guys fall into the same trap when they’re out at night and looking to meet women:

They go out (either alone or with buddies, it doesn’t really matter)… and approach a bunch of random women.

And as a result, they end up getting rejected quite a bit.

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Well, it’s because they don’t know how to spot the signs a woman wants to talk to them!

So that’s what I want to show you today.

Hi, I’m Magic Leone. As a dating expert and Community Leader, it’s safe to say I know a lot about dating and approaching women.

So as part of my new series, I’m going to answer the biggest questions that guys have when it comes to attracting & escalating with women.

And today, I’m answering this question:

“Do women ever approach men? And what are the signs a woman wants you to talk to her?”

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One question I get asked all the time is:

“Do women expect men to approach them?”

And the truth is this:

Of course women expect men to approach them!


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There is one important piece of information that most guys don’t know–women also approach men all the time.


In the last 7 or 8 years alone, every single time I have gone out, I’ve been approached by at least one woman. And I’m an older balding guy!

So what’s the deal?

I’ll show you.

5 Unmistakable Signs She Wants You to Approach Her

While it’s true that women will approach you… they won’t do it as directly as men usually approach women.

Once in a while, she might have a friend of hers come over and say she likes you. Then maybe the friend might ask:

“Would you mind coming and joining us?”

But that’s very rare.

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Most of the time, what she does is position herself very close to you, hoping that you start talking to her.

Another thing she might do is make an extended eye contact from a distance to signal that she likes you.

And in some cases, she might even “accidentally” bump into you.

She might come and tell you directly that she likes something you’re wearing–that’s another sign she wants to talk to you!

So keep an eye out if she mentions one of these:

1) That she likes your shirt or a piece of clothing you’re wearing…

2) If she mentions your watch and touches your wrist.

From this point, it means she wants you to take over and flirt with her.

But how should you do that?

How To Take Things to the “Next Level” Once You’re Talking To Her…

Many men in our community have approached me with the same problem:

“When I’m talking to a girl, things seem to be going well… but I can almost never ‘seal the deal.’ Where am I going wrong?”

And the truth is… there is no need to worry. This happens to plenty of guys… and it’s for one big reason:

It’s not about what you’re doing “wrong”… it’s about what you might not be doing at all!

Because during a conversation, you can talk and talk… though talking doesn’t build that “sexual chemistry” she needs to feel attracted to you.

Instead, if you want to take things to the “next level”… and get physical with her… then you’ve gotta get “hands on.”

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