#datingadvice | 7 Benefits Of Cannabis & CBD Oil For Men Over 50 (Including More Stamina, a Higher Libido & No More Aches and Pains!)

Discover how CBD oil can increase your libido fast…

Discover The Benefits of CBD Oil For Libido, Lasting Power, Less Pain & More…

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Have you ever used CBD oil for libido?

CBD, or cannabidiol is one of the most well-known compounds found in cannabis plants. 

However, you may not realize that CBD is a hemp-derived compound unlike its psychoactive cousin known as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol found in marijuana. 

Although the two cannabis phyto-chemicals are related, they offer very different benefits to your body. 

Since men over the age of 50 have specific health concerns, including cardiovascular function, energy, stamina, and of course libido, CBD is an ideal remedy. 

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CBD medications are known to improve overall quality of life for men over 50 years old by addressing a range of individual health concerns.

While there are many undocumented perks of adding cannabis compounds to your everyday health regimen, confirmed studies on cannabis have been limited. 

Recently, the Farm Bill of 2019 included revisions in the agricultural reform that released hemp plants from their illegal bonds allowing clinical research, and public sale. 

Today, there is more verifiable data than ever before about the wonderful medicinal benefits of using hemp-derived compounds, including CBD.

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Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp: What Is The Difference? 

Most people know that there are different types of cannabis plants. But you may not realize what the differences are. 

Here is a simple comparison of the most common terms dealing with cannabis, and its associated compounds available in the U.S. 

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The Plants: Marijuana vs Hemp

  • Cannabis. When you are talking about marijuana or hemp, you can still say it is “cannabis.” Typically, this term is used casually to refer to a variety of plants and products derived from either marijuana or hemp. The word cannabis has finally started to break free of its criminal sounding status as people become more aware of the differences between the many types of cannabis plants. While some cannabis plants get you high (marijuana), and some do not (hemp) there are many times people use this umbrella term. Be sure to clarify what type of plants you are talking about if you hear someone say, “cannabis.” 
  • Marijuana. This is a term that can be used interchangeably with cannabis and hemp. However, it tends to refer to a specific type of plant. Marijuana plants are in fact cannabis plants. But usually the term includes cannabis sativa species. These types of marijuana plants tend to have high amounts of THC and moderate to high amounts of CBD. Depending on the strain of marijuana, THC levels will vary.
  • Hemp. Industrial cannabis plants are commonly referred to as hemp. These fibrous, bushy cannabis plants contain trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent, or less), and are high in CBD content. Commercially, hemp provides oil and fiber used in textiles, and construction. 


The Law: Recreational Vs. Medical 

  • Recreational. The recreational marijuana market includes 11 states. Regardless of the state, regulations on marijuana use and cultivation remain illegal at the federal level.  
  • Medicinal. Legalized marijuana use for medical purposes is available in 33 states. Users are required to have a medical marijuana license to purchase cannabis products in a dispensary. Federal restrictions apply, so you must pay in cash when shopping for medicine. Banks that are regulated FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) cannot participate in exchanges with a dispensary due to the current regulations for marijuana. 

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  • Over-the-Counter & Prescription. There are other types of medicinal cannabis products besides those you can find in a dispensary. People who live in a state where marijuana use is illegal may still find cannabis-derived medicines as OTC remedies for anxiety, sleep, and pain. Prescriptions are also available including the hemp-derived medication Epidiloex for epilepsy. 

7 Benefits of Cannabis Oil For Men Over 50 


1) Stimulates Sperm Production

CB2 is a specific cannabinoid receptor in the brain known to help regulate sperm production. 

Scientists now know that CB2 offers a window into CBD as a therapeutic approach to male fertility. 

In a recent report published in The FASEB Journal, researchers found that CB2 activation may be the key to reducing male infertility. 

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2) Reduces Stress & Anxiety

CBD is commonly associated with reduced stress, and eased anxiety

Men over the age of 50 commonly suffer from a range of health problems associated with high stress levels, or anxiety that can put a damper on your romps in the sack. 

While traditional OTC medicines for stress and anxiety are available, CBD and THC products are scientifically shown to be potentially effective.  


3) Boosts Sexual Stamina

Over the age of 50, it can be difficult for men to maintain their energy levels during sex. 

Sexual stamina is known to increase with the regular use of cannabis. 

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One study confirms that the use of cannabis is why men can last longer in bed. 

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4) Supports Weight Loss

BMI, or Body Mass Index is a measuring system of body composition for humans. 

In one study on cannabis, and cardiovascular risk factors, researchers found that greater cannabis use was linked to relatively lower BMI scores in participants. 

Not only that, but the participants who used cannabis were also reported to have lower cardiovascular risk factors. 

This led researchers to conclude that cannabis supports weight management, and may promote weight loss for a sexier physique.   


5) Helps With Sleep

Men over the age of 50 commonly suffer with sleep disturbances that can include difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and REM disorders. 

One study on CBD, and sleep revealed that REM sleep disorder symptoms are reduced with CBD use. 

Participants who used CBD for REM sleep disturbances were able to control symptoms after using CBD. Further, four patients reported a substantial reduction in the frequency of sleep disturbance events. 

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6) Acts As A Natural Pain Reliever

Pain relief is an essential part of managing your health. 

As we age, the use of pain medications can become tempting however, it is in your best interest to use natural pain relievers derived from hemp whenever possible. 

Research confirms that cannabinoids successfully slow down pain impulses, and ease physical aches, pain, and discomfort. 


7) Increases Sex Drive

One study revealed that cannabis use could mean more sex for men. 

The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that sexual behaviors among 23,000 men showed a positive relationship between getting frisky, and cannabis use. 

Both men, and women in the study were shown to have more sex – on average about 7 times more in 4 weeks! 

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Can I Make My Own Cannabis Oil? 

Cannabis oil is one of the best ways to use cannabinoid compounds at home. 

Today, you can find a range of cannabis oils for use in vaporizers, foods, and lotions but you may not realize just how easy it is to make your own cannabis oil at home for use in the bedroom. 

You see, cannabinoids (phyto-chemicals) are fat-soluble meaning that they cannot be extracted into any substance without fats. 

You can use any oil to reduce the cannabinoids. However, coconut oil is the only oil used for sexual lubrication. 

Once you have made your own cannabis oil at home, you can use the mixture in foods, on your skin, and in the bedroom to heat things up. 

Remember: While cannabis oil is decriminalized in some states, it is still a federal crime to grow, possess, and sell. 

Always use cannabis as directed by your doctor, and follow state legislature no matter where you are. 


Is CBD Safe?

 According to the WHO (World Health Organization) CBD is well tolerated, and has a low risk of abuse, or dependence. 

Overall, CBD is generally recognized as safe with no evidence of health related problems associated with it. 

Additionally, you may find that CBD medications are a safer, and healthier alternative to conventional medicines including over-the-counter remedies, and prescription drugs. 

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You can reduce your health risks from using conventional medications by using CBD products. 

Cannabis plants are naturally strong and durable, offering many benefits for men’s health over 50. 

In the past, cannabis may have gotten a bad rap for its psychoactive high.

However, today researchers know more than ever about how cannabis supports health. 

As a matter of fact, there is scientific support for some other plant-based alternatives that can potentially use to increase your libido, energy in the bedroom and more…

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