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Hey, it’s Craig, Gotham Club’s founder…

Math sucks.  😉

I hated it as a kid, and I hate it now.  

But the one thing about numbers that I like: they don’t lie.

Your girl can lie, when she’s looking bored after sex, and you ask her if it rocked her world…

But these numbers…

Like more than 1 in 3 guys (ages 18-59) has suffered from premature ejaculation.

And the average woman (average, so some of them take even longer…) needs 13 ½ minutes of sex to orgasm.  (It only took Meg Ryan about 50 seconds in When Harry Met Sally… Can we clone her?)

So, no wonder one of the top two questions I get from guys is how to last longer in bed…

(The other question I get the most is: Does size matter? Does it? Find out here…) 

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Like with most things… I went to the best expert I could find… and in this case, that took me to the adult film industry:

Wayne Siren, voyeur, exhibitionist and husband of hotwife and pornstar Dee Siren.  Together they own and run Siren XXX Studios.

I asked him:

Do you have any tricks, other than thinking about baseball or watching less porn, that a guy could use to last a little bit longer? 

And he gave me 7 of his best “last longer in bed” tips. They’re “road tested” and they really work.

And when you use them tonight, there’s no way she’ll be bored after sex.  She’ll be exhausted… wrung out… and begging to see you again, soon…

Catch The Full Q&A Session Below…

Wayne Siren:    “C*ck rings. We’ve had guys wear c*ck rings before. Apparently those work…

I personally have no experience in them, but they definitely work, so try that out. 

Different medications will work. Now, there’s so much stuff over the counter, but I’m not naming anything because no one should name things. 

Especially since the main one is now no longer under patent, you can get a lot of stuff. Of course, do your research. Don’t go to the corner store and not know what you’re putting in your body and give yourself a heart attack. 

But there’s definitely medications that will help you with your erection and that also will help you last longer too. 

(Discover the all-natural pornstar secret to last all night in bed.)

Trying to think of things. Like you said, baseball… or boring things.

Just pull out. Pull out for a second. Do something else… Eat her out. Eat out the woman. Make out with her. 

Rub on her. Rub on her body. Give her a massage. Rub on her legs. 

increase sexual stamina

Personally, I love my wife and I love everything about her. After 20 something years, I still love just rubbing on her body and things like that that turn her on. 

That way, even if I do come a little bit quicker… Sometimes you just can’t help it. 

With that being the case, make sure she’s satisfied also.

As guys know, once you do come, it’s hard to stay in that mode afterwards. It’s best to try not to until she’s satisfied… 

Then if you know you’re a quicker comer, then all right boom, boom, boom. It could be one of those things. 

Maybe he’s not eating right. There’s no secret food, but if you’re in healthy shape, you are just going to be able to control your body better. 

That’s the difference. If you can control your body in other ways, you can control that too. That’s just a lifestyle. 

One more thing you can control is the position you have sex in… and that can make a big difference too…

sexual stamina
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They’ll also allow you to last quite a bit longer as well.

Plus, let’s be honest, most girls get bored of always having sex with the same guy.

But that’s because they use the same positions over and over: missionary, doggy, and occasionally girl-on-top…

Switching it up won’t just make it easier to get deeper inside of her…

But they’ll also make her completely addicted to sleeping with you because you’re an exciting lover. 

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PS: I think my personal favorite (and my partner’s, haha!) is the “Shoulder Holder.” What do you think?

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