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Hey guys, it’s Craig with today’s weekly challenge: Develop your fitness routine.

I asked a fitness expert to lend a hand with this challenge, here are the tips he provided:

Your first task is to identify your body type.

Are you a skinny guy A.k.a. ectomorph

A heavy-set guy? A.k.a. endomorph

Or in-between? A.k.a. mesomorph

Your body type will inform what’s best for you and your goals.

In general, endomorphs should focus on cardio, endurance, and clean eating while cutting calories.

Meanwhile, ectomorphs should do almost no cardio except warm-ups, and instead focus on building lean muscle through strength training and increasing their caloric intake.

If you’re in-between, congratulations! You’re the best of both worlds and can dabble in a little bit of everything.

Let’s get started by pointing out some of the lesser known benefits of working out and going to the gym.

The Sexual Benefits of Exercise

Beyond getting in shape, going to the gym offers a few bonus perks.

First off, the gym is an ideal place to pick up women if you know how to do it properly. 

As this female fitness trainer confesses, women WANT you to check them out at the gym and approach them!

Plus, certain exercises for just 40 minutes a day or less can actually help you last longer in bed.

Now, let’s discuss the workouts themselves.

Craig’s Challenge — Develop Your Fitness Routine

The Ectomorph Workout

Again, you want very little cardio because you don’t want to burn the small amount of fat you have. 

You want compound exercises that work a lot of muscle groups. 

I recommend starting out with low-weight 3 x 10 (3 sets of 10 reps) and as you gain strength and confidence you can work in 8 x 4, as well as the Texas Method (5 x 5) while slowly increasing the weight you’re using.

Think bench press, squats, and deadlifts as your primary lifts.

Bench day is upper body. Arms (biceps and triceps), chest, and shoulders (deltoids).

Deadlift day is back day. You’re going to be doing deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts and a bunch of different “rows.” Upright rows. Bent over rows. Etc.

And squat day is leg day. Work every major leg muscle. Hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps (quads). My favorite is:

  • Squat (3 x 10)
  • Front squat (3 x 10)
  • Romanian deadlift (3 x 10)
  • Seated calf raises (3 x 10)
  • Leg press (3 x 10)

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The Endomorph Workout

If you’re trying to lose weight, the first step is to improve what you eat. There’s an old saying that you can’t train out a bad diet and it’s certainly accurate.

Beyond that, you’re going to want to do a combination of cardio, including: 

Plus, high intensity interval training, commonly called HIIT.

For example, you can sprint up a flight of stairs or bleachers, then walk down, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat.

Sled pushes are another personal favorite.

With both exercise types, start off small so you build up endurance and confidence.

Just jog half a mile the first day, then work yourself up until you can do several miles in a single day.

Craig’s Challenge — Develop Your Fitness Routine

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