#datingadvice | Craig’s Challenge — This One Trick Will Help You Last Longer in Bed

Practice Lasting Longer This Weekend… And Amaze ANY Girl…

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Hey guys, it’s Craig with your weekly challenge.

This week, I want you to try this simple trick that can help you not only last longer in bed — but that will also give you complete command over when you finish.

This trick can also be used to give women squirming, screaming, intense orgasms.

So what is it?

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The Simple Way to Last Longer in Bed… and Enjoy “Maximum Strength” Orgasms

As Glenn discusses in this article, the trick that I want you to try this weekend is a masturbation technique called “edging”.

Basically, you’re getting yourself super close to orgasm. 

Then, right before you feel like you’re about to finish, you stop. You repeat this process for about 30 minutes until you can’t take it anymore.

This might sound like torture (and it kinda is) but it makes orgasms 10x more intense.

It’s hard to master and will take you a few attempts to get it right, but you can practice it on yourself in the comfort of your home whenever you want. 

As Ruwan mentions in his article, you may eventually be able to stop or start your orgasms mentally while still enjoying yourself.

How to Make Her Squirt Like a Firehose

You can also use edging on a woman to make her orgasms WAY more intense, as this article on squirting discusses.

I recently tried this and the girl was pulsing, moaning, and gripping the sheets for what seemed like a whole minute.

Once she says she’s going to come, use some dirty talk to let her know you’re not going to let her.

Whisper in her ear, “Not yet…” and just stop. 

Once she’s begging for you to finish her off (which will be almost immediately), start thrusting or playing with her again until she finishes. 

Repeat this process a couple of times to increase the intensity even more…

But, just in case you have a little trouble holding out… I have this secret “edge”…

How to Get It Up After Blowing Your Load:

It used to be realllly hard to get it up again after I blew my load…

During sex, I’d be terrified of blowing my load too quickly, and I’d be really in my head, focusing on not blowing my load early, because I knew once I went off… 

I wasn’t going to get it back up.

This made s*x stressful, and less enjoyable for me AND the girl I was banging…

But that’s not an issue for me anymore.

I’m often able to blow my load, get it up right away, go for round two, blow my load a second time, and be rock hard IN SECONDS for round three. 

As a matter of fact, yesterday my girl and I went at it the moment we woke up at 7AM, and didn’t stop until we realized it was 1PM… and we had yet to leave the bed!

Since everyone is quarantining, we have a lot of free time…

There’s only one thing I’ve changed, that’s allowed me to become this HARD ALL DAY… it’s these 5 vegetables that I’ve added to my diet…

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Thanks to this little diet change, not only is it easier to get it up after I blow my load…

But I easily get as hard as a baseball bat, instantly, any time I’m about to get some action.

And… I stay hard for MUCH longer periods of time.

My libido has gone through the roof… it feels like I’m young and in my prime again…  and EVERYTHING turns me on.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in situations where I had one too many shots, and it was simply impossible to get hard…

(I’m not in college anymore, back then I could be blackout drunk and still get it up)

I also know that pretty much all of my older friends sometimes have issues getting it up too…

Now, there’s a lot of people, who have a lot of beliefs on what makes it difficult for men to get hard. 

Some people believe it’s old age, bad diet, lower levels of testosterone, and the list goes on and on (it’s probably a combination of all those things, and more to be honest).

However, getting hard, and staying hard has to do with one thing, and one thing only.

Getting lots of blood to your junk. 

Luckily for you, there’s a very simple way to get a steady stream of blood flowing “down there,”, making you rock hard, all night long, every freaking time. 

I’m not talking about that little blue pill either.

(I’m trying to get laid, I’m not trying to have a heart attack)

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t need to be one to know that popping pills like candy is NOT good for you…

I’m talking about an all natural remedy, that’s been passed down for generations in Vietnam.

You see over the years due to inactivity, and poor diet, our blood vessels get clogged with all sorts of gunk.  

(I mean…that’s probably my case, I eat healthy now, but I had a strict diet of ramen noodles, snickers bars, and coca cola for years)

These all natural ingredients simply help clean your blood vessels, and help expand them.

This means you get more blood flowing to your Johnson quickly. 

Resulting in instant rock hard “episodes” that will last you for hours.

I’m a little older, and sometimes I need whatever help I can get, know what I mean?

Plus…it really boosts my drive in the bedroom.

I’m in the mood pretty much all the time nowadays, and the women I date absolutely love.

Oh…and my favorite part?

I shoot powerful loads… and the act of coming feels way better than it did before I started taking this stuff. 

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