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Update Your Dating Profile… And Get Laid as Soon as This Weekend…

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Hey there… it’s Craig. And I’ve got a brand new feature for you. Every Friday, I’m going to issue a new challenge for you for the weekend. If you execute and learn from them faithfully, I guarantee you’ll soon be swimming in hotties…

Dating apps aren’t a trend — they’re here to stay. A significant minority of couples (20%) meet on dating sites, according to eHarmony.

For men this can be a struggle. 

For starters, there are more men than women on these apps. 

According to that same survey, dating apps are 52.4% men and 47.6% women, which means competition is fierce.

That’s this week’s challenge:

Make sure your profile is on point.

Let’s ditch the fish photo and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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Step 1: Be Positive

Women hate negative guys. 

They want to be with someone who already has their sh*t together, enjoys life, and wants to bring a woman along for the ride.

Make women want to be a part of your life by being positive and upbeat.

Step 2: Don’t Include Your Deal Breakers

This is super common and idk why. People love including a giant list of their deal-breakers on their online profile. 


It makes you seem petty and closed-minded.

Step 3: Pick Photos Wisely

Seriously get rid of the fish photo. I’m not kidding.

Pick pictures of yourself that are well-lit, avoid selfies and too many group pictures.

Go with one portrait shot — just you posing for a picture like at an event or something. Dress nicely.

One should be an action shot. If you have any fun and interesting hobbies like ice skating, snowboarding, or sailing, include one of those. 

Pictures of you with your pets are a big hit with the ladies too, you can include one of those as a little bit of catnip (no pun intended).

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Step 4: Use Spell Check

I use a Grammarly extension on my phone and computer. It’s awesome. Would recommend.

Women get turned off by bad spelling and unintelligent guys, so even if you’re not exactly Shakespeare, you can still put your best foot forward on your profile.

Step 5: Be Honest

Don’t lie about your age, use 10 year old photos, or lie about your job or income. Be truthful, even if you jazz it up a bit.

Speaking of age, if you’re want to know how to meet hot younger women on dating apps, here’s a step-by-step guide.

How To Get Online Girls To Come Over

Lately, there have been TONS of lonely and h0rny girls wanting to come over.

I spoke about this with my good buddy the other day, and he thought I was simply full of sh*t.

And I get it.  Conventional wisdom will tell you that most people are staying home right now…

But since emotions are running so high, it’s been really easy for me to get girls to skip the first date, and come over to get some action.

Girls are lonely, desperate for company, craving male attention, and most importantly…h0rny as f*ck!

One of my girl buddies even said the other day, “Dude, I can f*ck my rampant rabbit all day, and it’s great. But nothing makes me come as much as the feeling of a guy hard inside me.” 

As a matter of fact a few days ago I was talking to a girl on Tinder while having breakfast…

And she was naked in my bed by dinner time. 

I knew from the very start she was looking to get some action… so I made sure to lay it on SUPER thick…

How did I know she was aching for some “D”?

Simple… I sent her a funny opening line (which admittingly was a bit cheesy…) and she responded: “You know… I usually go for manlier men.”

Now… to me that’s a sign telling me she’s aching to have my junk in her mouth (lol)… when some other guys would get annoyed or even angry.

You see… she’s not insulting me, she’s testing me. 

If a girl tests you, it means she wants some action… she just has to know that you’re worthy of her time first.

The second I read that message, I knew I had to flip the script on her. 

I agreed and exaggerated, and didn’t take her message personally.

Soon she went from being sassy… to being slutty and sending me some downright DIRTY texts. 

Later that day we were in bed, breathing heavy, laying in a puddle of our own sweat… all because I realized she was testing me, and I knew how to flip the script.

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