#datingadvice | (Expert Reveals) Too Much Masturbation Gives You a “Limp D*ck”


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How to Stop Masturbating… And Save Your Stamina for MAXIMUM Pleasure

Masturbation: We all do it, but not many of us talk about it…

So it’s easy to wonder… how much masturbation is “normal”?

Is there such a thing as masturbating “too often”?

And if so, what’s the easiest way to curb the habit, or stop altogether?

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce. And as part of my series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions in a video every week.

So this week, I’m answering this question a reader brought me:

“I want to stop jerking off but can’t seem to do it. What should I do?”

(Expert Reveals) Too Much Masturbation Gives You a “Limp D*ck”

In this video, I reveal the easiest way to stop masturbating, plus:

  • The #1 thing every guy should consider before making the decision to stop…
  • A step-by-step method to stop masturbating & spike your sex drive FAST
  • How to control an “addiction” to porn without paying for expensive therapy…
  • The bizarre reason why I recommend most guys should NOT stop masturbating…
  • 3 ways to tell if you should talk to a “professional” about your habit (& why it helps)…

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(Expert Reveals) Too Much Masturbation Gives You a “Limp D*ck”

How to Channel Your Pent Up Sexual Energy for MAXIMUM Pleasure In Bed…

When a reader asked me how he could break his habit of masturbating too much… one person came to mind:

My good friend & sex expert, Ruwando. He was diagnosed with E.D. at the ripe old age of 25… and because he couldn’t get it up with women… masturbation was his only source of sexual release.

In his quest to stop masturbating & overcome his E.D. for good… Ruwando discovered 3 “keys” that helped him curb his masturbation… start seeking out real women… and have amazing sex.

(The kind of sex where he could get hard whenever he wanted, and last as long as he wants.)

Here’s what they are:

1) Physical & Mental Relaxation: When you relax your mind and body, all that nervous energy melts away… so you can focus on the true source of sexual pleasure. Check this out to see how it’s done.

2) The “Jedi Mind Trick”: This is a breathing technique that I personally use to last longer in bed. You fill your body with air, hold it like this… and release the air naturally, using this special technique. You can find more info about it here.

3) Biofeedback AKA “edging”: A lot of guys have heard of “edging,” and how it can lead to MEGA-POWERFUL orgasms… but it’s easy to mess up if you aren’t sure how to practice. This guide should help you a lot.

Now put it all together…

Discover How to Use Ruwando’s 3 “Keys” to Channel Your Pent-Up Sexual Energy Into a POWERFUL Release…

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